Killer Comics and Magnificent Merchandise from Comic Block!

Following our Nerdblock coverage we were overjoyed to get a chance to check out this month’s Comicblock (the sister block to NB). This month has a host of incredible collectables and publications which we simply could not wait to get our teeth into.


First up – as our official Tee, we loved this mutant styled wolverine t shirt. Fantastically styled with some punch colours, it’s sure to have fans lusting it everywhere you go.

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Next up two fantastic DC flasks to check out – both depicting Mr J and Harley silhouetted in a kiss. The perfect way to take your drinks on the move with you whilst showing off your love for the villains.

FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 5

Tucked under our flasks we grab a glimpse at our first publication ‘James Bond – Black Box’. An incredible adventure with some simply crazy artwork, we loved it. There’s a huge story at work here and it ties in nicely with the JB franchise. For any fan of Fleming’s beloved character it’s a must read.

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Underneath we found a particularly different title – ATM (or Alien Toilet Monsters) something really different, to say too much would be to give away this very strange and unique story but believe us it’s worth a read. There’s some great illustrations and a lot of fun in this wild journey which might drive you round the u-bend.

FullSizeRender 6


Next to ATM we had a glimpse of ‘Manowar’ with some stunning visual work and a crazy sci fi story which will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Believe us, this is a must for checking out.

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Lastly on the comics side we were thrilled to see a copy of ‘American Gods’! We’re big Gaiman fans so this is a real privilege, especially considering it’s due out on Amazon!

Believe us you’ll want to read this incredible story – make sure you do before the show begins.

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Last up, of course we have a special art print of ATM, what more can be said! Great illustrations as ever. Something to put on your wall for all you fans of monsters and toilets!


-and of course Comic Block’s awesome magazine!

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Another amazing month from Comic Block, the boxes are always stuffed full of great content. Make sure you sign up for yours today from.