Magical Merch and Powerful Pocketables with Nerd Block!

Another month means yet another chance to check out the fantastic offerings from our friends at NerdBlock! The fantastic geek subscription box with a host of incredible nerd and geek merchandise every month!

This month was no different with some incredible offerings from the Nerdblock team. First up we had our t shirt to check out – a fantastic retro styled transformers tee ! We loved the greys purples and greens! Incredibly catchy and a fantastic depiction of a deceptacon! Amazing.

FullSizeRender 5


Next up we had a chance to check out our official ‘Power Rangers’ offerings with an awesomely styled Green Ranger flask! The detailing on this is superb and we loved all the little touches. Something every power ranger fan will no doubt love.

FullSizeRender 2

Nestled under this we had a chance to glimpse our other Power Rangers march, a special official coaster set! What every fan needs whilst keeping their tables safe from coffee rings!


Under these two incredible pieces of merch we were thrilled to see we had some Marvel march, in the form of a lapel pin! A great way to show off being a fan of Marvel to the world and some stunning detailing on the pin itself.

FullSizeRender 3

Under the pin we also got a glimpse of something particularly magical, an unofficial Harry Potter cookbook! Perfect for recreating those recipes from the films. This is really something special (and a particularly weighty tome!) There’s a host of recipes in there which will keep any fan busy in the kitchen!

FullSizeRender copy

Last up we were particularly impressed with this cool other piece of Harry Potter Merch – a death eaters key fob! The ideal way of keeping your keys safe and away from boy wizards with this ultra cool fob with the terrifying Death Eaters adorning it (incredible)

FullSizeRender 4


This has been a great block as ever! Make sure you sign up today to check out yours at!