Comic Block – Your Favourite New Comic Subscription Box!

As we head into Spring we’re overjoyed at the fact we’re getting to review the fantastic Comic Block from our friends at Nerd Block. Comic Block is a sister block to Nerd Block and promises exclusive comic books, collectibles and apparel from your favorite super heroes, villains and artists delivered right to your door, monthly! What could be better than that!

As big fans of comics ourselves, and with a love of all things affiliated with comics we simply couldn’t say no!

It has to be said the ‘Blocks’ team have introduced a fresh new styling to their subscription boxes , which is evident from first unwrapping and getting a glimpse of their new sleeker style with cool character wallpaper inside! It’s a small touch but something we love here at GYGO.


First up we had a chance to check out the fantastic clothing on offer with an exclusive X-men T-shirt! The print is absolutely stunning on this and we loved the styling. A must for any X-men fan anywhere!

FullSizeRender 7

Delving a little deeper into our box we get to check out one of our first pieces of merchandise, an awesome Catwoman ‘bombshell’ figure! The figure itself is brilliantly detailed and coloured, and offers a unique take on the classic villainess and her feline.


Next up we get to check out our first comic – Assassins Creed Uprising out now on Titan. This great series lives up to the franchise perfectly offering a varied range of stories from the world of assassins creed. It has to be said the artwork is great too and undoubtedly some of the best action scenes we’ve seen in recent comics. Well worth checking out for any A.C. fans.


Nestled underneath we catch a glimpse of Justice League and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With both movies out this year, its certainly a very relevant cross over and one we were keen to see play out! It’s a great mix of pulp comic action with some really fantastic banter between the characters.  If you’re a fan of either/ both franchises we’re sure you’ll find something in here for you.

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Next we were really thrilled to get a glimpse of ‘The Raid anthology’. Something really different with some incredible cover art too. This exclusive primer for Nerd Block gives some incredible original content This incredible annual anthology offers original stories by Tonci Zonjic, Irma Kniivila, Ian Herring, Anthony Falcone, and Eric Vedder, with a limited edition exclusive cover by Francis Manapul. It’s a high octane ride and well worth getting your teeth into!

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Lastly on the comics we were honoured to get to check out ‘Agents of Past’ which has been described as The X-Files meets Velvet meets Birds of Prey. It’s an intriguing mix but clearly apt as we follow the paranormal investigation arm of CSIS investigating paranormal shennanigans in Canada. Some dark and action packed storylines await. As a taster we would definitely be keen to see more.


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Also on the Catwoman theme we were overjoyed to get an exclusive print of the Cat in her white jumpsuit. Perfect for fans of DC everywhere!

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Lastly it was great to get an exclusive copy of Nerdblocks official magazine, giving a run down on what’s hot in the comic verse and worth checking out. It’s something really different and for fans of all things geek a must.

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As a first time comic block for us, we loved it! We can’t wait to check out more – make sure you sign up for yours today at.