Tech minded grooming – we love the Kealive Hair Clippers!


As every man knows there’s a greater presence of tech on the market that promises to help keep ensure mens grooming is as pain free as possible.

That’s why when we heard about the Kealive Hair Clippers which promised a range of functionality whilst maintaining being waterproof we simply couldn’t wait to find out more.

The Kealive Hair Clippers are an impressive set of water resistant cordless rechargeable ceramic blades which feature Dualcut technology. The pack itself actually comes with 4 attachment combs making it even easier to maintain your grooming habits and to suit a range of beard and hair styles.

We were really impressed with the packaging of the clippers, the ceramic material of the blades are supposedly rust proof and you can tell from the build quality they’ll stand the test of time. This is also accompanied with the amazing cordless design of the clippers with it’s internal accumulator meaning it’s easily recharged with it’s accompanying base and adaptor. The charge itself is easily shown via the lights on the clipper.


What was even more impressive was the fact that the clippers themselves are waterproof ensuring cleaning is as pain free as possible. Something really handy for people in need of regular clipping! This is also accompanied with the dual cut technology, and incredible piece of tech which ensures the sharp blades make the shaving more efficient.


All in we were blown away by the Kealive Hair Clippers -it’s an amazing piece of kit and an absolute steal at it’s price. Get yours today from.