Tech minded storage with the HiHill Dry Bag!



We’re big fans of HiHill here at GYGO so when they told us about their amazing new range in waterproof sacks for outside activities that also included the ability to listen to your music and phone calls whilst on the move we simply had to find out more!

The HiHiLL Dry Bag 15L Waterproof Sack is an amazing piece of kit and tailored for those who love to venture out in all conditions whilst still keeping their tech safe from rain and dry.

The bag itself is a sleek ergonomic design at an IP65 Waterproof grade made from PVC material which boasts of a high grade tightness and double stitched fabric. On top of which the sealed seams bottom ensure maximum water resistance so if it goes overboard you know it’ll protect whatever inside.

Sealing was remarkably easy – simply by pinching the bag, rolling it down just 3-5 times then locking the socket ensures it becomes totally waterproof. Incredible!

But on top of which we were particularly impressed with the audio interface and transparent bag for your phone. This great idea allows you to slip your phone in and control it via the transparent window, whilst the audio output comes out the side of the bag. Incredibly handy for monitoring calls, whilst not wanting to get your phone wet.


The bag itself holds up to 15l which is particularly impressive considering it’s small size and makes it perfect for camping, storing food or other equipment whilst out hiking, rafting or general outside activities. It also comes with  2 shoulder straps of 120cm/ 47” making it easy to hold over your shoulder and allowing for comfort whilst transporting your gear.


All in this is a fantastic piece of kit that we highly recommend for anyone looking to do hiking or boating whilst protecting your equipment. Make sure you get yours today from