The Fellowes Powershred 63Cb – Shredding its way through your data worries!

As any tech head knows, shredding of paperwork in this day and age is absolutely paramount in protecting both your personal security and data. Something which Fellowes has long excelled in with their incredible range of shredders.


So when the opportunity arose to check out Fellowes very own Powershred 63Cb Cross-Cut Personal Shredder we simply couldn’t refuse! This beast of a machine offers a wealth of functions within the sleek ergonomic design we’ve come to expect from Fellowes shredders. On top of normal paper shredding it also deals with staples and credit cards which is peace of mind for anyone shredding documents.


The Powershred 63cb wealth of functions include the ability of shred continuously for up to 8 minutes, a ridiculously fast shred speed of 3 metres per minute and a fantastic  Energy Savings System which effectively reduces in-use energy consumption and powers down after periods of inactivity. Something which is very handy indeed for those working through end of year tax returns, or simply looking to clear a large amount of paper work in a short space of time. Additionally it should be said the benefits of cross cutting as a shredding technique which truly means that there’s no chance of anyone being able to go through your shredded paperwork attempting to make out your personal details.


Accompanied with this it’s also great to have a 19L pull out bin which is easily removed for emptying. This equates to an impressive 145 sheets of paper! It should be said the daily capacity for the shredder is up to 250 sheets per day so will cater to heavy use. The bin itself safely slides away without any fuss and you’d be forgiven to think that a machine wouldn’t have the space for such a mammoth bin.


The machine also prides itself on a specified ‘Jam Blocker’ something which we were keen to see having tried multiple shredders before and witnessing them all eventually fail to overuse and eventual jamming. We were told that this is through a sensor to detect when the machine if overfed something unique to Fellowes. Accompanied with this the shredders also carries Fellowes standard ’Safesense’ which ensures that the shredder stops when hands touch the entry ‘throat’. Something very important indeed whilst being around children.


We tried a wealth of papers within the machine to see how effective it’s shredding would be. Needless to say we weren’t disappointed at all with what we experienced. With the shredder’s motor capable of shredding continuously for up to 8 minutes it’s a welcome break from other shredders which usually start to suffer after prolonged continuous use.


We were really impressed with the Fellowes Powershred 63Cb 4x50mm Cross Cut Shredder, for the cost it’s a remarkable machine which will likely shred it’s way through anything you might put in it’s way. Make sure you get yours today from.


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