Replica Batmobile

bat mobile

Replica Batmobile

Have you ever wanted to feel like a superhero? Do you idolise Batman? Do you have £120,000 going spare?

Well then you may just be in luck because it seems like someone has decided to turn this fantasy into a reality with a life sized Batmobile replica from the 1966 Adam West TV classic. It comes with many exciting features from the iconic bat phone to a rocket exhaust flamethrower. Now who wouldn’t want one of those?

Unlike many other television replicas this is not a prop and in fact a fully working car with its charm of the 1960’s, but also many 21st century features such as a six speaker sound system and a dash-mounted DVD player. It’s the car of all cars, and nothing will beat the feeling of pure excitement as you get to drive around and be Batman.

Obviously £120,000 is a little steep for most road users, but if you have the cash to spare and the thrill to power the car of all cars, then this is the car for you, no question.

Link to Website of Replica Batmobile