We’re going Rogue – it’s the latest Nerd Block!

A very happy new year from all of us at GYGO! It’s a little belated but it’s been a hectic start to the year and we’re only just catching up with a plethora of new articles and we start off with something very exciting indeed. Our latest version of Nerd Block! With the promise of a Rogue One exclusive we simply couldn’t wait to check out what Nerd Block had in store for us!


First up we’re staggered to see none other but the terrifying face of Darth Vader looming up at us in the form of a fantastically good chrome moulded mug! What better way to store your hot drinks than in the head of one of the most unnerving villains of all time.



Next up we’re very intrigued to see another dark helmeted character, only this time it’s a less well known villain. One of Rogue One’s terrifying new adversaries to the rebels, a ‘Death Trooper’ this time represented as a coin back! What better way to save money, with a piggy bank you wouldn’t dare opening anytime soon. Genius.



Nestled under these two Star Wars treats are an official pack of coasters! Depicting a range of classic scenes from the saga it’s the perfect way to keep coffee rings off your tables whilst still being a total fan boy.



Tucked a little deeper under these fantastic pieces of merch we catch a glimpse of something truly unique. A Star Wars Death Trooper laminate! It’s superbly done with some great detailing to the main laminate – and a rubberised head of one of the troopers in question. A worthy collectable of any fan.




Lastly it wouldn’t be a Nerd Block without an official Tee and they’ve outdone themselves again with a superb Transformers logo black shirt. An incredible cosmic design and one which fits in nicely with the intergalactic feel of this month.


As always Nerd Block is an absolute must for any fan of geek merchandise – with some superb monthly exclusives! Make sure you get yours today at