Virtual Insanity – We Check out the Amazing Merge VR!

With the increase of the home VR market tailored towards smartphones we’ve noticed  a huge selection of VR headsets now available for consumers. Something which is great for tech heads who are looking to have a specific style of headset to suit their needs.

Following that trend we were particularly taken with the hype surrounding the Merge VR , a stylish headset from Merge in Texas. A headset which is reputed to offer a range of features at a price that won’t break the bank. With that in mind we couldn’t wait to check it out!



First up it’s fair to say the Merge instantly stands out in the VR crowd with its trademark unique purple tones of the primary headset. It’s one which took us aback at first but also one we’ve grown to love. They offer a really stylish alternative option to the norm, and the block styling really does lend itself well to the overall aesthetic. It should be said black is also available but the purple is a very quirky option too. Packaging was also stunning, and the whole unit comes styled very much as a ‘premium’ tech product. We also loved the fact there was so much info on potential apps we could download and use. We were itching to get going.


It’s also phenomenally comfortable – it’s soft lightweight foam lining fits the contours of your face snugly without any discomfort ( and it should be said we used the headset for an extended amount of time as we were having so much fun! Without your phone the goggles weigh 11 ounces which is pretty impressive. Having used VR Headsets before we were ready for the issue of lining up the lenses with your individual interpupillary vision. However this was readily tackled with Merge’s awesome easy to use sliders on the headset itself. Making the initial visual setup all the more faster!


Casing of the unit also stands apart from many other VR Units by being of a  soft yet firm proprietary foam. This means that unlike hard styled VR outer casings  which may risk being scratched, with Merge you know it’ll take a few knocks whilst being transported. It’s also very easy to clean, which is real peace of mind if it’s being used by multiple people. It was particularly easy to access the lenses and quickly remove any dirt whilst in between app experiences.


The Merge itself can be readily used with almost smartphones. We tried it out with the iPhone 6 (it should be said it can be used with a wide variety from Google phone, Android, Galaxy and many others) and set up was quick and very straightforward. The unit itself will easily take phones up to 123mm to 158mm in overall length. Once slid inside the Merge goggles, your smartphone is securely setup for VR use both with external videos/ games or with Merge’s own ‘Merge Start’ discovery portal which we found was an easy way to discover the best mobile virtual reality apps and experiences available for your Merge VR Goggles. It really did help further our enjoyment.

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-00-02-07 screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-00-01-56 screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-00-01-49

Another great feature we were particularly taken with is the fact that Merge offers a viewing window which can be opened allowing for augmented reality  access. We’ve not encountered this forward thinking before on a VR headset and no doubt this really does make the Merge futureproof as more and more augmented apps are released! On top of which as glasses users it’s often troublesome attempting to find a vr headset that can accommodate the additional space for spectacles. The Merge comfortably has space for anyone with glasses meaning your gaming experience is never hindered. A really handy addition.


Control wise Merge is a little different to the competition offering dual touch inputs – which we found surprisingly easy to get used to, and amazingly comfortable too. It’s a wonder more headsets don’t use this method of control.

We absolutely loved Merge, offering something truly different to the vr headset market , for its price it’s an absolute steal. The future’s purple- the future’s Merge!