Delving into Devilishly Good Optical Illusions with Diableries!

Review : Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell (3d Stereoscopic Book)


Original published in France during the late 1800s the Diableries offer an enticing glimpse into the lavish world of 19th century Victorian stereo cards. Incredibly Brian May (Guitarist of Queen and honorable fighter for animal rights) is one of the world’s foremost collectors of Victorian stereo cards and is one of the great minds behind this work of art, including fellow authors Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming. After publishing his first book relating to his collection in ’09 (A village lost and found) based upon a set of cards taken from an Oxfordshire village, Brian set his sights on a darker publication with an intriguing history and one which will no doubt keep you entertained for hours.


Diableries (which translates roughly as ‘Devilments’) is an absolute work of art. With a host of Victorian depictions of Satan, dancing skeletons and fiends amidst the bowels of hell, you’ll be lost for hours amidst the stunning imagery.


The impressive 3D effect is utilised through the means of photographing intricate models, made from clay by a group of talented sculptors. Through the use of the added ‘OWL’ viewer, the user can experience this Victorian form of optical illusion. The effect is breathtaking and will no doubt take many back to their formative years of optical illusions of their childhood.


What’s even more impressive is how the artwork itself has been painstakingly restored.  It’s quite incredible that Brian May of Queen fame has put this publication as a labour of love. The book itself tells the story of a set of 3d dioramas produced in France in the 19th century, with the Diableries acting as moral vignettes of Devils at their work. We were quite simply awe struck at how quickly these settings jumped into life. It should be noted these scenes can be viewed from both the front or the back giving a tantalising taste of optical illusions of the past and an extensive amount of viewing.


The descriptions are also fantastically in depth and it’s great to get a glimpse into the sheer amount of history behind these lovingly restored vignettes. Amidst such an incredibly intricate package the viewer can indulge in over  70 stereo cards which can be seen in 3D using the Owl viewer. So there’s no chance of running out of dioramas to view anytime soon.



The book itself comes in a beautifully packaged box set including the main diableries book and the official owl viewer. The production value is truly astonishing with a heavy matt board casing and gloss title image it will make for the perfect gift for any fan of optical illusions or someone who might want something a little different for Christmas.


A fantastic gift for anyone seeking to conjure the magic of optical illusions of their youth- or for that matter stunning artwork in general. Make sure you get yours here today at