Aukey – Optical Wizardry in Tech Form – we check out the Aukey VR and Aukey Lens Pack!

We’ve been hearing some very exciting developments from Aukey camp for quite a few months now. So when the chance arose to check out their fantastic VR headset and iPhone macro lenses we couldn’t refuse!

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First up is Aukey’s stunning Aukey VR headset offering an impressive VR experience whilst not breaking the bank. The headset’s functionality is truly impressive, offering immersive experiences within 3d videos and with tailored VR gaming experiences! We were particularly taken with how easy it was to fit your phone into the headset. The Aukey VR takes 3.7” – 5.5” phones (meaning iPhone, Samsung, LG and Other 3.7 – 5.5″ Smartphones are all safely fitted). This is simply done by lifting the lid and adding your device against a suckered level so you can guarantee it won’t move about! The casing of the lenses feel great and are clearly robust. On top of which the lenses themselves are high definition optical resin lenses so you know these aren’t going to break soon.


One important aspect is just how light the headset is, with fully adjustable headband straps for a secure fit, which means total comfort for prolonged use. Especially handy with gaming sessions! Also handily you can adjust the focal length to ensure you get the ideal


immersive experience. It should also be said the headset is suitable for people with myopia below 400 degrees. Something which many other headsets don’t offer.


All in this is a fantastic VR headset for beginners or keen VR enthusiasts. It’s also an absolute steal at the price.



Next up we had a chance to check out Aukey’s incredible lens pack consisting of  Lens 198 ° Fisheye Lens + 150° Wide Angle Lens + 15X Macro Lens Clip-on Cell Phone Lens for smartphones!


For any keen photographer, smartphones can suffer with extreme zooms. Which is why we loved the 3 in 1 – Aukey lens kit.  Consisting of a Professional Fisheye Wide Angle Lens (198° FOV), Macro Lens (15X Zoom) and 0.63X Wide Angle Lens these were all impressively easy to clip onto our smartphones quickly and efficiently.


All of the lenses themselves are evidently made to take a decent amount of wear and tear. We’re told they’re constructed out of superior grade glass optics and solid aluminium to enhance their durability. Our attempts to shoot close ups of everyday objects instantly turned them into something quite incredible. The results were astonishing, even to amateurs like us!


Not only are you limited to macro close up shots though, you can enjoy large vistas, fish eye shots, panoramas and a host of other options with these incredible lenses.


We can’t praise these highly enough – well worth checking this pack out for Christmas. It’s an ideal stocking filler.

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