Ridiculously Robust Rugged Cables from Nomad – The Perfect Power Periperhals!


With the amount of exciting offers that have taken place over the past week or so we’ve been as always astounded at the amazing amount of deals being run by our friends over at Nomad, who’s range of tech in 2016 has surpassed all our expectations. If you’re ever looking to charge your tablets and smart phones on the go, there’s seriously no better place to get your accessories from. Nomad’s products are always both stunning as well phenomenally innovative.


We were especially impressed to hear about their cutting edge Ultra Rugged Ballistic Cable range. Something especially of interest to anyone who enjoys taking their tech out and about from the great outdoors or simply from home to office.  But fears potentially damaging phone cables or is conscious of cable splits. The Ultra Rugged Ballistic Cable were released in three specific styles to cover a range of phones and portable devices. These are :  the Lightning Cable, 3-in-1 Universal Cable, and Battery Cable. As every tech lover knows, there’s nothing worse than losing power to your battery powered portable devices which is why when the chance arose for us to check them out we jumped at the chance.


It should be said all of the cables come in at a fantastic 1.5metres leaving you with ample room to reach your device from your power socket (something which many other cables overlook.) But the actual robustness of the cable is something to behold. We’re also told it contains an extra thick wire gauge and a robust kevlar core. Created from braided ballistic nylon which keeps it protected from abrasion and tearing, the cable is reassuringly tough and tangle free (no messy coils here). It’s fair to say these resemble a slickly designed sleak rope against a traditional  power lead. That would probably be a fair comparison as it’s a 1000D nylon in a ballistic weave pattern that covers the cables which (incredibly enough) was originally developed by the military to protect their forces from gunfire. You’ll be comforted to know these badboys have been lab tested to withstand over 10,000 flexions. That’s incomprehendibly tough, and it’s understandable when you handle the leads. Accompanied with a minimal clip to help keep them manageable, they’re stunningly well designed.


Coming in three distinct varieties – with the lightning cable leading the way, we were blown away by how well it performed in tests. With a longer reach than the standard Apple cabling, it provided quick easy access and the cable’s casing is just gorgeous. There’s absolutely no difference against a standard power cable, nothing has been compromised in the build quality.  On top of which the fact these don’t tangle is such a great addition, especially if you’re constantly on the go with your cable.


Next up we had a chance to check out the Universal Cable. As a more versatile version of the standard Lightning Cable, the universal offers integrated multi-tip charging options to charge any mobile device. This is fantastically handy if you’re on the movie and want to plug into several different styles of sockets. The core cable is a standard USA A to Micro USB. Whilst also provided are an MFi Certified Lightning tip and a tip. So should a device fail on you with a different type of power end, you won’t be left powerless and can easily switch! Again build quality is fantastic and the simple means to change tips was surprisingly quick and easy.



Last up (and by no means least) we were particularly intrigued to check out the incredible looking Battery Cable. Incorporating the standard MFI certified lightning cable, this beast also contains a high capacity 2350 mAh portable battery. If you’re in the habit of forgetting a power pack but taking a cable (or vice versa) then worry no more. This is the perfect solution and is incredibly sleek. The battery itself is impressively neat and compact. Also amazingly the cable automatically charges your phone first before then charging its internal battery! We were particularly impressed by this, and the neat status light which activates when the cable is in a state of charge/remaining power.


As always Nomad have astounded us with this incredible unique range of robust cables, pulling a hat-trick of three cutting edge peripherals, which would be hard to surpass as stocking fillers for the holiday season for any geek or tech lover. Both in form and function they’re gorgeous pieces of kit.

Needless to say we love them and we think you will too. Make sure you buy them for someone special this Christmas at