Carefully Crafted Cases for your Tech – it’s the Belkin QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

 As any tech fans know, Belkin have long been considered one of the leading names in computing peripherals, notably their extensive range of tablet accessories. We were particularly impressed with their robust and cutting edge tablet cases which often come supplied with some impressive cutting edge tech built in. Which is why when the opportunity arose to cover the Belkin QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case for ipad Air 2 we couldn’t say no!


The main selling point about the QODE as we’re sure many of you already know, is the fact that the tough (but light) outer casing, encases a well spaced, and responsible qwerty keyboard making the case ideal for anyone looking to type on the go without the need for a bulkier keyboard. We were particularly impressed with the keyboard. Notably as it was incredibly accurate for typing and felt very natural. For any regular laptop users you won’t feel you’re sacrificing anything at all by switching to typing on the QODE. It’s impressively well built.


On top of which,the sturdy dual neodymium magnets built into the QODE case, offer a range of easy to change viewing angles, which really helped us find a comfortable position for working. There’s no risk of your tablet slipping when your typing which is fantastically reassuring. It’s also great to see that the keyboard actually has iPad specific shortcut keys really cutting time for accessing certain elements when you need them most.


Made out of a highly lightweight, high quality (aircraft in fact!) aluminium alloy, the QODE ultimate lite keyboard case is truly astonishing. Ensuring your tablet is protected from any scuffs or scratches but at the same time still retaining the iPod air’s lightness, something which is really great to see. We were especially impressed with this, as for such a light case it’s clearly incredibly robust, and it’s real peace of mind that your tablet isn’t going to suffer from being carried about.



One thing we were particularly conscious of, is the risk of our keyboard potentially draining power quickly. But we needn’t have worried. The QODE keyboard has a special inbuilt auto on/off power offering 264 hours of active battery life and 4,300 hours of standby. This guarantees you won’t waste battery life and your keyboard remains on only when you need it powered.

Also evidently though there are times when you want to be able to access your standard ‘handheld’ position, and switching back to using your tablet normally without the keyboard is easily done, meaning there’s no issues removing a laptop or even the case. Again another superb addition


All in we were particularly impressed with the Belkin QODE – for anyone with an iPad air 2 looking to be able to type with a keyboard on the move, it’s an absolute must.

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