When New Isn’t An Option!

The long awaited arrival of the new consoles; the PS4 and the XBOX One have finally arrived. These are the new poster children for Sony and Microsoft, they boast amazing graphics, classy and sleek design, and though at the moment the games are a bit lacking they’ll soon be joined by some really exiting games that’ll push the boundaries of what a console can do.

Now the main thing that these consoles come with is a hefty price tag. Now when considering the price of a Caribbean Island or a new line on the London Underground, the price for either one of these next generation consoles is a blip in the monetary ocean but for a guy, mid-twenties who is just about getting by, the added cost would push my finances into a nosedive. I don’t want that. If you feel bad for my cause then I’ll be starting my kick-starter for a new console in the next few days. Please donate, some of the stretch goals consist of a picture of me smiling with my new console and I’ll send you a happy thought, postage not included.

Now enough of me wallowing about my monetary issues, this is all about what fun you can have when new consoles aren’t on your radar, gaming that can be done without spending an arm and a leg or a shin.

If you’re anything like me then your experience with gaming didn’t begin on the previous generation, and your likely to have maybe a console or two stashed away in a cupboard, now nothing inspires you to play games then reliving some of the memories you had in the good old days…playing the original super Mario…blow the dust off your old dreamcast…throw a few Pikmin at humongous enemy…maybe a handheld adventure back to Hyrule??

If you can’t find that one cable you need to connect your N64 to your new TV then why not head onto your computer, now if you already play games on your pc then a round of applause for you. You’re one step ahead. If you don’t know about Steam, GOG or numerous of the other options available for downloading games off the old World Wide Web then go and have a look it’s well worth a browse. You don’t have to spend a lot; there are loads of great games you can get for free or even for a small payment of pennies; allowing you to download then straight to your laptop or computery device.

If you’re computer illiterate ( if you are then the fact you’re even reading this is a miracle…well done!!) if that is an affliction that you suffer from then head to a mobile device, your phone, tablet or a relatives mobile all of these will have a wide selection of games to play. Not the most in depth exploration into gaming, nothing that will keep you in grossed forever but a distraction from the world none the less.

If your phone is too basic to even manage an angry bird or two then we have to go back to basics. Grab your imaginations and go wild, the world is endlessly filled with opportunities to utilise one of your best features; maybe visit an underwater cowboy ranch, maybe a trip to the moon in a cardboard box, maybe try a mountaineering expedition with a moose, an otter and your talking gecko companion ‘Jeeves’. Those are only some suggestions that I could come up with, I’m assuming that you can imagine so many better things.

Now I know that I’ve told you to stop playing games a do something else…blasphemy I know. If you can’t splash the cash on a new console, or left your old console at your parents, or your phone still has a black and white screen then give your imagination a whirl I know it’s a last resort but if needs must then use whatever you have available to you.

Happy Gaming!