The Darker Side of Dark Horse – we take a look at Harrow County and ‘Creepy’

Harrow County : Volume 2 : Twice Told, Volume 3 : Snake Doctor


Without a shadow of a doubt Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook’s Harrow county has been causing a major stir after it’s release last year. The dark tales following young farm girl Emmy coming to terms with a supernatural realm beyond her tranquil life is one which may not sound the most unique of pitches, but in execution it constantly astounds. Brilliantly  well written and constantly has keeping us hooked for more. Not to mention beautifully illustrated by Crook, with the artwork resembling a superbly detailed children’s book rather than a traditional macabre story in comic form. Making it all the more unnerving…

It’s fantastic and we were very impressed from opening up page one. We’re also very excited to hear of the prospect of a TV show in the pipeline.




We were privileged enough to get a chance to check out Volume 2 Twice Told and Volume 3 Snake Doctor. For anyone who has read Vol.1 (if you haven’t make sure you do immediately) ‘Twice Told’ takes us further into the mysterious developments with Emmy’s life as she uncovers her connections with the supernatural creatures of the surrounding populace and discovers more about herself and her family’s supernatural history. But venturing into the darker regions of the County, Emmy soon finds a monstrous presence,determined to get to her.

The storyline is absolutely captivating as we follow Emmy’s plight against the evil that constantly seeks her out. All of which makes for a intriguing lead into book 3. Snake Doctor’s panelling is truly superb as we follow Emmy investigating a decaying old domicile, whilst discovering more about the mysterious skinless boy and his hideous history. Amidst which a horrific serpent causes chaos and mayhem with the locals of Holler, which can only mean things are going to take a much darker turn as Emmy seeks to protect herself and the residents.  It also should be said added artwork duties in vol.3 from Carla Speed McNeil and Hannah Christenson make it all the more an incredible publication.




Both of these titles make for stunning follow ups to Countless Haints and give an intriguing look at the broader side around Holler as we find out more about the local and the friends and foes of the young witch.

It’s evident to say we love the Harrow County series, these two follow ups have seemingly done the impossible following on from such a spectacular launch title of Collected Haints. We can only wait with baited breath to see what else is in store for Emmy…






Creepy Comics : Volume 4 : Family Values and Volume 3 ;  The Lurking Fate 


Any fan of graphic novels and comics worth their salt will surely know the legendary Creepy, the American horror-magazine launched back in 1964 by Warren Publishing. Renowned at the time for constantly pushing the envelope with it’s dark, eerie tales of horror, murder, ghouls, ghosts and mayhem. Now as part of Dark Horse’s reprint program we’re honoured to get these legendary comics reissued in glorious glossy print. The contributors list reads like a who’s who of comic talent including the likes of contributors include Richard Corben, Tyler Crook, Darick Robertson, Gilbert Hernandez, J. Torres, Amy Reeder, Joelle Jones, Peter Bagge, John Arcudi, Cullen Bunn, Dan Braun, and many more. It also has to be said it’s great to have the likes of the unlucky #13 specials including Vol. 3 along with a real mix of extra additions. For any fan of classic horror comics it will most certainly peak your interest.





The classic anthology styling of both of these publications give a warm glow of nostalgia to anyone who may have grown up with similar anthological horror comics, or even classic tv such as the Twilight

Zone or Tales of the Unexpected. It’s a fantastic thing to dive in and out of such a diverse selection of dark tales and once you’ve started you’ll surely have a hard time trying to put them down.

Dark Horse have a huge range on offer and we highly recommend you to check out the full range at :