Grand theft auto 5 – ( open mouthed )

actual_1352823115Well what can be said. Those dam geniuses at Rockstar have only gone and done it again. Was it worth the wait? Magazines have scrambled to write a review soon as it’s arrived but we wanted to give it a thorough play through first – and in reply? Of course! How dare you even question them. The game is a sumptuous mix of action and strategy amidst the open ‘sandbox’ gameplay. Yes it’s the same old GTA but in a much bigger, more beautiful arena. What truly sets the game apart though, apart from the noticeable new settings and varieties of actives, are the visuals. The franchise has long been known to push the limits of gaming tech and GTA 5 takes things a step further. Imagine if you will just watching a sunset over a mountain or walking along the beach at dawn. It’s GTA4 but with the open freedom of San Andreas. Also having the ability to explore underwater..mind blowing. Now with GTA online as well, the options are literally limitless. This is truly a game changer. Watch out contenders, GTA is back and bigger than ever before.