Skimming the Waterways with Superiority it’s the Sea Eagle SE370 Pro Sports Kayak!

It’s no secret we love hitting the great outdoors with a range of cutting edge tech. So when the opportunity came to ’test the waters’ (‘scuse the pun) with the Sea Eagle SE 370 Pro package we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

Renowned for the light, compact, durable and easily inflated craft  Sea Eagle has long upheld an incredible reputation for their water vessels since 1968. Making them perfect for a variety of body of waters from rivers, to lakes and the sea itself.   We’d long heard talk about the vessels themselves featuring some remarkable tech including multiple air compartments, which make them safer (and more buoyant) than other competitors. Also allowing for larger weights to be stowed onboard. But accompanied with the fact that the actual kayaks can be deflated to a fraction of their size making them easily transportable, and perfect for that occasional sail. Along with a far sight cheaper than buying yourself an actual hard bottom boat, and the accompanying costs of trailer haulage/docking and storage costs. On top of which each vessel carries a comforting 3 year warranty against defects, giving you peace of mind when you’re trying out your boat.


We had the opportunity to check out the SE 370 sports kayak. Larger than the smaller 330, the 370 offers a larger carrying capacity of 29gkg ( up to 3 people or two people and decent load. It should be said three people might be slightly tight with bags, but the boat is impressively large (381 cm x 86cm) , made even more evident when unrolled from such a small footprint straight out of the box. Unpacking the SE 370 Pro it’s clear the Sea Eagle brand carries that high standard of durability. We were really impressed with the PolyKrylar pvc finish, which felt reassuringly tough compared to other kayaks we’ve tested. It’s also great to have your skegs already attached to the kayak rather than having them as clip ons (which often lead to losing them).






The inflation process is made as painless as possible, with clear instructions and even an overlay acetate to easily show when your Sea Eagle has been inflated sufficiently. Something so simple but really helps when you’re first starting out.


Accompanying the kayak itself, is an impressive array of accessories including a carry bag, two easily assembled oars with drip guards, repair kit, foot pump, deluxe inflatable seats, and much more!)

Where the 370 easily beats it’s competitors is with it’s integral 5-tube i-beam floor and deluxe one way valves on all air compartments. These great additions mean paddling performance of the sports kayak is improved with the paddler sitting higher with the weight below them rather than to the side. Also the valves ensure air is pumped in without being able to escape, also avoiding cracking. Both are great ideas and you really do feel the benefit in the water.


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Carrying the complete package itself is no mean feet even with the well crafted kayak bag – it’s still well advisable to transport yourself via car or by using the add on trolley available from Sea Eagle.

Once inflated it’s clear the Sea Eagle aesthetics have been carefully considered. It’s a stunning vessel and it’s white and blue tones and clean contours mean you’ll be easily forgiven to forget you’re riding in an inflatable kayak. We turned many heads riding our boat and we’re certain you will too once you hit the waterways.


On top of which the Fibrylon bladed oars really do cut the water with utter precision. Made even more effective with the accompanying drip guards which are essential for keeping a dry vessel. We were particularly impressed to see the hull of the boat remained dry throughout our test. In comparison most other kayaks we’ve tested in the past suffer from water entering at some point.


Another aspect that the Sea Eagle excels in over it’s competitors is the consideration paid to the seating within the vessel. Too often than not inflatable kayak users can suffer back strain from unsupported flat-backed seating. Not in the case of the SE 370 with it’s DKS canvas covered seats. These inflatable seats are more akin to the seating you’d get in a car, and once inflated ensure passengers sit upright and are well supported with additional back pocket for accessories. It’s a fantastic additional feature and one that really makes kayaking for long periods of time even more pleasurable.

At the end of kayaking the 370 is quickly packed away, and oares swiftly unscrewed for packing back into it’s bag. It’s impressive that such a wide array of accessories (and a large boat!) are so easily compacted into a footprint not much bigger than a chair.


It’s fair to say we loved the SE 370. It’s an amazing vessel which is an absolute steal for the price. Especially compared with the mooring, maintenance and running costs of a larger hard hulled boat.

But with such a large array of inflatables on offer we’re certain we’ll find one to fit your needs. Which hopefully we’ll be covering these over the next few months. Make sure you check out the official Sea Eagle website today at