Gadget solutions to men’s grooming – it’s Bakblade!


When we first heard about Bakblade we were intrigued to hear about a potential gadget to help aid men loose that unsightly back hair, but without the need and expense of laying out for waxing or laser sessions. The promise of a quick and easy means to get to those hard to reach areas on your back surely has to be a good thing. So why we jumped at the chance of checking it out!

It has to be said the design aesthetic of the Bakblade is truly superb. Shaped like a backscratcher. the Bakblade’s long reach handle and 4” wide back shaver blade offers an easy way to shave with it’s curved lightweight handle making it perfect for accessing hard to reach areas. The shaver blade itself is also built to tackle larger surface areas allowing for quick and pain free way of removing those hairs.


We were also really impressed to find out the Bakblade itself can be used both dry or wet with it’s unique dryGlide technology leaving impressively smooth results. When your blade has eventually been worn out it’s also surprisingly easy to replace. With quick removable blades, you can simply slide your used blade out and slide the new one in!

All in it’s impressively quick and easy and after using several times you’ll quickly have your shave time down. Evidently the cost of replacing blades is the only issue, but with the long life of each blade and relatively low cost of new Bakblades it’s still a far simpler means of shaving!


Bakblade is truly impressive, offering a stress free and cost effective gadget means to men’s grooming in the 21st century. Make sure you get yours today from