Dirt Troubles Begone with the Incredible Dirt Devil 360⁰ Reach Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Amidst the busy day to day life of a modern tech lover there’s seemingly never enough time to undertake the most mundane house work. Which is why we re always keen to hear of any new means of making those jobs that little bit easier. So when we heard about the fantastic Dirt Devil 360 Upright Vacuum and the promise of a lightweight but powerful bag less vacuum we were intrigued to find out more!


Straight out of the box it’s evident that the aesthetics of the Dirt Devil 360 have been carefully considered. It’s a sleek looking unit and stores away at a fraction of the footprint that a larger vacuum would use. On top of which the Devil incorporates a simple but effective fitting system allowing the user to quickly twist and replace the several nozzles which accompany the machine without strain or hassle. Included with the actual Dirt Devil 360 unit itself is a handy crevice tool for hard to reach corners, an upholstery tool for cushions, mattresses and more. A motorised brush bar to ensure those carpets are fully cleaned from pet hair and dirt. Needless to say we couldn’t wait to fully try out the Dirt Devil and it’s plethora of accessories to see what was capable!


First of all it has to be said the reach wand really does allow for quick and easy cleaning ensuring a 10m reach for the vacuum’s user. Also ensuring you avoid potential injury to your back not having to manouvre the machine for difficult corners.


Straight out of the box we initially checked out the motorised floor bar. Incorporating a smooth steerable neck we were impressed at the ease and speed we were able to navigate around furniture with the bar. We’re certain everyone has suffered the pains of cleaning carpets, something which often suffers through bagless vacuums. But not in the case of the Dirt Devil 360. With the motorised brush bar we were astonished at the added power of hoovering dirt across carpets and rugs, with huge amounts of versatility leaving an absolutely spotless finish. Activating with a satisfactory click and LED glow it’s easy to see when your brush bar is active and able to give you that added cleaning power.


Looking towards harder to reach areas were intrigued to try out the crevice attachment.  One great feature of the machine is it’s lightness at just 3.5kg, making a great change against other vacuums. Coupled with the crevice attachment means you can easily tackle cobwebs or dirt both at ground level in tight corners. Not to mention high above you in the corner of ceilings. Believe us lifting the machine is surprisingly easy, without the strain from raising a heavy vacuum.  Along with which, the machine’s 8.5m cording means you can easily remove any dirt without the limitations of a short cord.


Lastly we were keen to check out the impressive looking upholstery cleaning attachment. With a softer end section we were able to make short work of dusty pillows, dirt laden mattresses and even cleaning dust off coats and other clothes. It’s a quick and easy way to tackle a range of textiles. It’s also perfect for cleaning stairs without the fuss of switching to the motorised bar, and made swift work of our stairwells and clothing.


Most of all though we were stunned by the cyclonic power of the Dirt Devil. It’s truly something to behold. With some incredible cyclonic suction power which can cut through masses of daily mess including fine dust and pet hair. Allowing you to lift a large amount of debris and pet hair without the hassle of a standard bag vacuum. Impressively the Dirt Devil carries an overall A energy rating with ABBG Eco ratings.- something which is truly impressive. On top of which the vacuum also carries a capcity of 0.6 litres, so there’s absolutely no feeling of compromise using a bagless vacuum over other models.


All in we were truly impressed with the capabilities of the Dirt Devil 360 upright Vacuum Cleaner. It’s an incredible machine with some phenomenal capabilities at a fantastic price. Make sure you get yours today at : http://www.dirtdevil.co.uk/stick-upright-vacuum-cleaners/360-reach-stick-vacuum-cleaner