Behold! The New Amazing NerdBlock!

Another month means the spoils of another Nerd Block! Never had subscription boxes of goodies been so appealing! This month we particularly looked forward to a Nerd Block promising an exclusive  mix of Attack on Titan, Star Wars and Batman the Animated Series!

First up on opening we’re stunned to see an awesome exclusive Batman figure from the classic Animated Series. Not any old villain from Batman’s rogue gallery but ‘The Joker’! Displayed in his full terrifying classic cartoon pose, this was a great find, and an incredible addition to the Nerd Block this month!




Underneath which we glimpsed what we (as any good geek should know) knew had to be the likes of some Star Wars merch! Yes a set of exclusive Star Wars buttons! Never again should you suffer boring clothing in a galaxy far far away when you can adorn them with these! Fantastically detailed they’re an amazing addition.



Nestled below our pins we’re also over the moon to our exclusive Attack on Titan merch – a multi functional scarf! Any fan of the amazing Japanese series will want this piece of clothing so you can turn into a titan and devour your enemies with a scarf which you can wear as a headband or for cosplay. Amazing!



Followed up with another great exclusive addition – a Ghostbusters Screen Cleaning cloth! Got ectoplasm from a serious haunting over your monitor? Then worry no longer as with this cool detailed screen cleaning cloth you can quickly clean it up! With the famous ‘who you gonna call’ emblazened on the design it’s perfect for any fan of the franchise.


But of course this wouldn’t be Nerd Block without an exclusive tee – and this month’s is particularly special. With a gorgeous ‘Snape’ text tee. With the legendary sneering eyes of Professor Snape glaring at you from that famous name, instill fear in your enemies with this great tee!



Last and by no means least a very special Nerd Block addition – with a parody book of Fun with Kirk and Spock! With over 50 years between them celebrate with the famous crew members as they navigate their way through this hilarious parody book! It’s awesome, we love it – and any Trekkie would want it!



As always this month’s shows the unending brilliance of Nerd Block. Make sure you get yours today at :