Sticking Things Made Simple- We Love Sugru

Every tech head has come to know the pains of a break in your favourite gadget. Not to mention the trials of attempting to fix a split cable or the high cost of replacing them.


Which is why when we heard about Sugru – a substance which is claimed to be the ‘worlds most mouldable glue!’ With a plethora of broken cables, gadgets and a hunger to see what such a seemingly magical substance could do we awaited the chance to try out the amazing Sugru


Coming in a range of colours, ( meaning you can brighten up the dullest of cables ) Sugru is a ‘putty like ‘ substance which sticks to surfaces including fabrics , ceramics , wood and glass straight out of the packet. On top of which it’s also waterproof and heatproof ( handling temps up to 180 degrees) meaning you can even put it in a dishwasher ! Equally it’s effective down to -50 degrees  Pretty cool huh.


We were really impressed at how flexible the stuff is. It truly is malleable like silly putty so you can shape it however you see fit. What truly is impressive is after drying for 24 hours the Sugru really retains its strength. Being able to hold up to 2 kg of weight making it ideal for making hooks or even adding texture to a handle in extreme conditions. Something which we re told has made it particularly desireable to arctic explorers and Nasa engineers.



We loved Sugru and had great fun using it on a range of items, including fixing several broken cables, adding a new grip to an old tap, creating several hooks and adding to fabric. Every time Sugru held fast and did a great job.


On top of which the Su gru is even removable! When you’re done using it simply use a knife to scrape if off a surface and you’re done! Amazing.


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