ShirtPunch! Mystery Shirt Sale!

It’s no secret we’re big fans of NerdBlock and the fantastic clothing offshoot ShirtPunch, which is why we were intrigued to hear about their latest offer. But move quick as the offer ends at midnight EST on Thursday, September 22, 2016!

Below is all the info you need – go go go!09_2116_sp_twitter_1500x500_mysteryshirts 09_2016_sp_instagram_640x640_mysteryshirts_v2

Do you love awesome shirts, surprises and saving money? Who doesn’t! Grab a mystery shirt today from ShirtPunch! starting from only $2.99!  The design and shirt color are a mystery and that’s part of the fun. What we can tell you is that your mystery shirt will cater to the theme of your choice — Pop Culture, Horror, Video Game or Sci-Fi — and it’ll be awesome. Visit www.ShirtPunch.Com