Vanquish Storage Problems with Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags!


In the 21st century it’s no secret storage is at a premium everywhere. No more so than within our homes where amidst a plethora of tech and gadgetry never has been storing your belongings quite so troublesome. Which is why amidst the clutter we were particularly taken by Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags.

box-only    Vacuum bags have something of a reputation for splitting and breaking easily after multiple uses. But we were impressed with the quality and durability of the Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags. Actually using 110Micron – meaning 0.11mm thick plastic, these bags are clearly thicker and stronger than other bags we’ve used in the past. Which is a comfort to know they’re less likely to rip.


The bags themselves claim to hold up to 4 x more space, which we found evident from trying them out. It’s also great to have a range of sizes within each pack – each box in fact includes 3 XL bags (100cm x 80cm) and 2 Large bags (80cm x 60cm) something which is fantastically handy for compacting a range of differently sized items. Their quality is evident from unpacking and even after being heavily packed with goods they still managed to hold up to the strains of wrapping around a large quantity of stacked clothes, cushions, towels, clothing and even a duvet. They’re absolutely perfect when the season changes and you want to store away unneeded clothing and gain that extra space in your wardrobe (also ensuring moths and mould won’t be able to get to them.) Not to mention for when you’re moving and simply need a bit more storage space amidst your belongings.


Using the Viridescent Vacuum Storage Bags are also incredibly easy, but it was great to see such clear and simple instructions supplied with the bags.The bags are compatible with almost any vacuum cleaner or electric pump. Simply by attaching the end of the bag to the nozzle of your vacuum and giving it a quick blast of suction stacks of clothes, fabrics, toys and much much more are quickly sucked into a compact shape. It really is remarkable how quickly they were to set up.  The bag’s one way valve – gives customers a chance to screw on valve cap without air escaping. Along with the bag’s double zip seal meaning it’s easier to screw on the valve cap without air escaping. Also unlike many other Vacuum bag brands the ‘plug’ is evidently much more secure. Offering that peace of mind that after storing your goods your bags aren’t going to suddenly expand.

But most importantly Viridescent impressively offer a money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with your purchase then you can instantly claim a full refund on the retail price. You couldn’t say fairer than that!


All in we were particularly impressed with the Viridescent storage bags, at such great quality and at such a reasonable price they’re most certainly value for money.


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