Simply Stunning Snaps with the Lomography Instant Camera!

We’re big fans of instant photography here at GYGO, but we’re also well aware of the limitations that come with the joys of an instant photo. Namely the fact that usually it can be hard getting the full scale of the action into such a small frame. Which is why when the opportunity arose to check out Lomography’s Instant Wide White Camera, giving users a larger scale for their instant photos we jumped at the chance!


Aesthetically it has to be said the Lomography wide white is absolutely stunning.  Turning heads whenever we used it, it’s striking stark white aesthetic with it’s retro ‘block’ look gives it a magnificent futuristic styling. It’s like a prop out of  a Space Odyssey. But underneath that sturdy outer casing lies a behemoth of an instant camera which will have your instagram friends salivating.


Using 4 x AA batteries this is definitely one of the larger instant cameras on the market, but with that power you’re seriously gaining the edge, being able to capture some stunning shots with an Aperture: f/8, f/22 and a range of shooting modes and flash.



We were particularly impressed with the 35mm lens on offer, allowing wide format shots using a close focusing distance of 0.6m. Shots looked especially stunning and colours were noticeably vibrant over other cameras. The film itself (Fuji Instax Wide) had a real feel of prints of yesteryear but with a 21st century vibrancy to them. Coupled with the programmable shutter mechanism which helped determine how much light was perfect for exposure. Something which we admittedly had trouble with, with some shots simply coming out ‘white’. But to be fair that’s just a gamble with any instant camera.

It should be said this can also be remedied with the range of exposure modes on the camera which absolutely will need time and experimenting to master, but something we had great fun attempting to do.


Focusing was also impressive, on a range of different subjects the focal length never let us down and distant shots came out looking great. Something which is particularly impressive on an instant camera.


Admittedly our only major gripe with our camera was the fact the eject mechanism malfunctioned several times when taking shots. We attempted a variety of workarounds trying to get around this, but unfortunately none of this proved fruitful. But we’ll happily put this down to a fault with the camera though as checking out online reviews we have as yet to encounter anyone else with this issue. Also with Lomography’s superb reputation undoubtedly it’s a one off.


We thought the Lomography instant white was stunning, and great fun to use. If you’re in the market for a head turning camera with a difference, then look no further.


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