Phenomenal Photography – We Love the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70!

If there’s one thing GYGO loves it has to be a chance at checking out the latest cameras gracing our shelves. Which is why when we first heard about about Fuji Film Instax Mini 70 Instant Camera, Fuji Film’s latest release compact instant camera, perfect for instant shots whilst still being incredibly portable.


Weighing in at an incredibly light 281g (without it’s battery/strap and film pack) and at just 99.2×113.7×53.2mm (exclusive of protrusions) the Mini 70 is strikingly petit. It’s aesthetically stunning too. It’s evident care and attention has been given to it’s finish, clearly paying tribute to the instant cameras of yesteryear but in a very modern styling. It’s also great to see the camera coming in a range of colours from a fiery ‘Passion Red’ and ‘Stardust Gold’ right through to more conventional ‘Moon Whites’ and ‘Island Blue’. It’s a great addition to adding that individuality to your own camera tastes.



We had a chance to test out the Mini70 in a range of locations. Most instant cameras we’ve encountered before are renowned to suffering under certain light conditions. But we were pleasantly surprised to find the Mini 70 held up in a vast range of lit areas, from darkened rooms through to dazzling sunshine.


Another great feature to help in these situations is the Hi-Key mode, enabling the user to capture bright and clear skin tones, without compromising on the quality. Accompanied with this is the selfie mode which allows the user to choose a suitable brightness and shooting distance for self portraits. Something particularly handy if you’re keen to capture your best side. This too is joined by the camera’s superb Self timer which enables hands free shots are even more convenient to take!



It’s good to see the camera also includes an impressive automatic flash with a charging time of 0.2-7 seconds (on a fresh batter). Lamp range is also .3m – 2.7m which is particularly impressive for an instant camera of this sizing.


The actual developed film is fantastically sized at 62mm x 46mm. Larger than a passport photo, but also neat and compact enough for displaying in a range of places. Development was also impressively quick on the Fujifilm instant color film (instax mini). It’s a refreshingly retro thing to have tangible prints in your hand mere seconds after clicking that shutter. But be warned, you’ll want to stock up on film, with prints this good, people will be snapping them up!


It should be noted too that the camera has an impressive 60mm retractable lens which offers a great scope for laying out your pictures. We’re also told a tripod is available for attaching to the Instax which is a great addition, meaning you can take steady, professional pictures with the added benefit of a fast development!



All in we were really impressed with the Mini70. It’s neat, petit and an absolute treat to use in a  range of lighting situations. It’s also unendingly impressive to have a printed photo available at just a click of a button. Believe us when you start, you won’t want to put it down.


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