We check out Titan’s Monika – Masked Ball



We’re big fans of Titan here at GYGO which is why we were thrilled to get a sneak peak of their upcoming comic ‘Monika – Masked Ball’ the first in a two part thriller series.


As a taste here’s what the team at Titan have to say about the exciting two part thriller…

Desperately seeking her missing sister, the beautiful visual artist Monika follows a lead that takes her deep into the murky underworld of anonymous, and decadent, masked balls. Intoxicated by the power and mysteries surrounding her, she learns that the path to knowledge can be strewn with dangers never before imagined…


Writer Thilde Barboni has teamed up with talented illustrator Guile March to create an erotic thriller set in the murky world of cyber crime and futuristic robotic technology. We enjoyed it, it’s a refreshing break from superheroes with more than a few nods to classic sci fi such as Blade Runner and contemporary geek TV including Mr Robot.  It’s a rich story with a lot to delve into. It’ll be interesting to see where Barboni takes it to conclude this erotic story of technological espionage.

Guile’s artwork is really something to behold and it’s evident a lot of work has gone into the panels. The pale toning gives the whole story a ‘dreamlike’ style which gives an interesting take on the plot.


The story itself leaves a lot open, so we’ll be intrigued to see where it goes in the second part.


If you’d like to check out Monika : Masked Ball – it’s available in the shops from August 3rd FC – 56pp – $15.99/£11.99

Find Titan Comics at http://titan-comics.com/