Tech to keep your Pet’s Pampered – We Love Pet Mate!


As any cat and dog owner will tell you, looking after your furry friends can be an exhausting task – Not to mention open to potential disasters when other cats can invade your home through your own cat’s cat flap. Or ensuring that your dog has enough food to keep them fed whilst you’re out of the home.


That’s why we were particularly interested to hear about the fantastic Pet Mate range in pet supplies. Using state of the art technology to ensure looking after your furry friends is kept as simple as possible.



First up we were very interested to hear all about The Pet Mate Microchip Cat Flap. A genius way of preventing unwanted cats to invading home this cat flap ensure the only animal using this portal into your house is your own pet through the use of reading your pet’s individual microchip. The flap itself is reassuringly well built and no doubt as any pet owner will want to know, more than able to withstand a few knocks and harsh weather conditions. The transparent four way locking door also provides a magnetic seal, ensuring it’s both draft proof and weatherproof. Again very useful if you’ve got a cat who likes venturing out regularly in all seasons!


Programming the cat flap to read your own pet’s individual microchip is surprisingly easy through the push of just one button, showing a successful registration of your cat’s microchip by a green LED. We were amazed just how simple this process was, even to the tech novice it’s incredibly straight forward to register your cat. On top of which if you own several cats you’ll be comforted to know you can register up to 30 individual cats to the door! Absolutely amazing. We’ve also been told the battery power (should) keep the door operational for up to 12 months, which is total piece of mind and total peace of mind to ensure no one get’s left out in the rain


The door itself is also reassuringly large at 150 mm (H) x 144mm (W) so even if you’ve got a well fed tabby it’s doubtful you’ll have any issues letting them in. But it’s also great to know Pet Mate offer an Elite Wall Liner able to fill in any additional space if necessary.



We were hugely impressed by the Cat Flap’s simplicity and durability. It’s an absolute steal at the price. For any tech loving pet owners, this is a must.






Next up we were really intrigued to check out Pet Mate’s Timer Control Cat Flap. A clever way of helping to prevent feline road accidents and unwanted hunting by preventing your cat from exiting your house at certain times of the day.


We were really intrigued by the concept and surprised this hasn’t been explored more extensively in the past. Setting up the cat flap is again superbly easy, via an LCD time control so you can ensure the door is locked around particularly hazardous times such as a morning rush hour, or late night.


Installing was again impressively easy, with the door offering a variety of options including unlocked, in only, out only, locked and timed exit lock. Utilising a five way lock the durability of the cat flap ( akin to it’s microchip variation) is stunningly robust. Again you know this piece of kit is going to last the distance and not let you down. The door itself is sized at the same large proportions of it’s microchip brethren and again a Cat Mate Adapter Kit is available for Walls and Glass Panels. Something which is certainly useful to know if you’re looking to get that smooth fit.


Function again was utterly brilliant, and very easy to setup. There’s no need for any tech worries, the door is quickly functional after powering up. Along with which just 2AA batteries are needed and we’re told will offer up to two years functionality!


If you’re looking for a straight forward cat flap so you can specify the times your felines go out to play this is an essential :




Lastly we were really keen to hear all about Pet Mate’s impressive array of automatic pet feeders. A great addition to the range and offering a means of ensuring your pet is kept fed whilst you’re out of the house. The C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder is by far a leader in this field, offering a phenomenally extensive array of feeding options for your small dog or cat. At the most basic level the feeder ensure you can feed your cat up to three individually sized meals over a day. On top of which these can be manually activated at will if necessary for your pet’s individual dietary needs.


Knowing how keen small pets can be to get at their food it’s fair to say we were cautious on just how the machine could securely hold dry pet foods and prove ‘tamper proof’ from our furry friends. We needn’t have worried. The food hopper has a reassuringly sturdy ‘snap on’ lid which no pet will be removing anytime soon and the whole machine is durable enough to take more than it’s fair share of knocks.


There’s also a plethora of options to get to grips with via the LCD control panel. These including weighing the individual weights of your pet’s food and programming the machine so it’s able to fill the feeding tray at your preferred times. The instructions seem a little daunting at first but in terms of what’s on offer it’s easy to see just why they’re so comprehensive.


It should be said too the hopper itself can hold up to 3kg of food. Enough for one month! This makes it hugely handy to fit around any busy workloads ensuring your pet is kept fed and on time. All of the plastic components of the feeder are also easily detachable, allowing for ease of cleaning.


All in we were really impressed by the quality of the automatic feeder. Clearly unsurpassed in it’s field it’s an essential for anyone with a small dog or cat and who wants to ensure their furry companions are kept fed in their absence.


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