Nerds-united : Nerd Block is Here!

So another month means another fantastic Nerd Block with a plethora of geek-tactic goodies for us to cover! We can never get enough of these incredibly low budgeted boxes full of an assortment of goodies any Nerd would love. Much of which are limited edition and no doubt would set you back a huge amount to buy in the shops! But with so many Nerd Block exclusives believe us when we say this is literally the only way to get your hands on some of the most amazing merch flying about!


So this month upon opening we were greeted by a particularly awesome array of geekery- Sat atop our pile is a ‘Dorbz’  Guardians of the Galaxy figure – not any old figure, but that beloved space smuggler himself ‘Star Lord’! Like all of NB’s figurines, the quality is again off the scale and it’s a faithful recreation of that beloved character which’ll sit nicely in any superhero collection!



Nestled deep in the box was something we’d long sought after – our very own treasure map to One Eyed Willy himself the awesome Goonies Rolled Map! Lovingly recreated and waterproof (so any spillages of rum will wipe off) it’s a fantastic addition to the box, and one which we’ll ‘treasure’ for years to come!



Set underneath – for any Potter fan this is an absolute must have – A Harry Potter Gryffindor Bookmark! Because when you’re spell casting you can’t afford to lose your page! This has been fantastically recreated and the quality is truly second to none. We’re big Potter fans and this perfect for revisiting those classic stories.




Now for any fan of Zelda you’re going to love this month’s T Shirt – An Exclusive ShirtPunch The Legend of Zelda T-Shirt ! ’With a suggestion of Link gazing through one of those favoured crystals it’s great to see a classic gaming face adorning a new shirt punch. Nice work Nerd Block!  On top of which you get a $10 coupon for your next Shirt Punch!



For any fans of the warring factions in the amazing Game of Thrones our next item was such a great addition. A Game of Thrones exclusive Coin – One side shows the pyramid and “Breaker of chains” the other shows Daenerys Targaryen Queen of Meereen, and Dany in front of her 3 dragons. Such a fantastic item for any fan of GOT and a must have.



Lastly but not least, an essential for any fan of Ghostbusters, this is the only tool you need to discover what forces you’re up against. It’s the legendary Tobin’s Spirit Guide! Referenced in the franchise multiple times this Nerd Block exclusive this item from Rays Occult Bookstore in the IDW series contains references to all ghosts/phantoms/spectres from the franchise. Lovingly recreated with some stunning artwork! (Watch out for the full edition coming soon)


All in all another amazing Nerd Block. Not got yours yet? Then you need to sign up – get on the case at