Fashionable Fitness Tech When You Need it Most – it’s Dax Fitness Bracelets!

For tech lovers on the go, exercise tech has never been so in demand. With a range of keep fit gadgets on the market – undoubtedly led by fitness bracelets. Offering a simple means of tracking your exercise including your heart rate, steps, and even sleep cycle through the means of a simple electronic bracelet.


One of the leading brands in this field has to be the fantastic Dax electronics who offer a range of wearable health and fitness tech. We were honoured to get a chance to check out two of their most successful fitness gadgets the Dax-Hub M2S Bracelet and the Dax-Hub M3S Bracelet.


One thing which is apparent instantly is the build quality of both of these bracelets. With screens encased in tough, but aesthetically attractive moulds these are fitness bands which aren’t going to let you down in the midst of training. The OLED screens on all the bracelets are  impressive offering a decentscreen size to view your up to date training information. We were particularly impressed with the official Dax fitness app, which tracks your fitness, sleep cycles and a range of other information within a simple, easy to install program. The amount of features is simply astounding!


The bracelets themselves monitor your progress via the official app. We were particularly impressed with how quickly it took us to install and activate the app which quickly pairs via bluetooth with your bracelet. Meaning we could concentrate on the important stuff, like exercising without having to worry about the installation process.


Both models offer a comprehensive range of features including vibrating wake up alarms, sleep monitoring, smart phone alerts, anti lost alarms and even a remote camera! The quality of which was particularly impressive as an additional feature added to the bracelets.


It’s also a relief to know the bracelets are water resistant. Meaning you won’t have to worry if you’re caught out training in the rain. Charging was also particularly impressive, with the enclosed USB cable. Allowing you to quickly charge your bracelet and get back out there.


Most importantly the bracelets are superbly sleek. Half the time you won’t even notice you’re wearing one. Which when you’re training is absolutely key not to be weighed down by a heavy band.


All in these are absolutely essential to any fitness enthusiast, or anyone simply looking to get in shape. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on DAX for future releases.


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