Relive The Golden Years of Gaming With The Commodore Amiga: a Visual Compendium


As any geek worth their salt will tell you, the 1980s saw the birth of some of the finest gaming computers around. None of which were more groundbreaking or wanted than the Amiga series. With classic games including Defenders of the Crown, Monkey Island, Robocod and far too many others to list many an afternoon after school was spent hammering a joystick whilst fighting aliens in Another World, or attempting to save your Lemmings.

So when we learnt about Bitmap Books fantastic Commodore Amiga :  A Visual Compendium we simply had to find out more about this fantastic publication.

Lionheart Batman

Celebrating the visual side of the Amiga from it’s inception and launch to those hazy days of glorious gaming the book is a wonderful tribute to an incredible machine that was far ahead of it’s time. We particularly loved the fact the book not only covered the classic games of yesteryear, but also gave time to discussing it’s technological achievements for it’s time with quotes from some of the men who helped make it a reality.

The book itself is stunning, and beautifully put together in a tailored sliding cover. The print is also absolutely superb, with over 400 plus pages of interviews with programmers, developers, artists and adoring fans of the amiga and displaying some of the incredible pixel art that will be familiar to a generation of gamers.

Moonstone SuperFrog

The images really do speak for themselves, baring in mind that most were hand drawn the book itself illustrates thousands of man hours of pixel art. The likes of which is simply inconceivable to the modern day games artist. The art really does stand up to days standards too.  Particular note has to go to the likes of ‘Shadow of the Beast’ and ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’. Displayed in high resolution print it really does hammer home what great art it truly was.

Another great element is the fact that each spread not only displays the art of the game but includes a mini review of the release and some tip bits from the men who helped work on the game. It’s a wonderful insight into the small developing houses who helped create these beloved games which has ballooned into a monstrous worldwide games industry today.


But needless to say the Amiga wasn’t purely a games console, and it’s fascinating to read about cutting edge programs such as ‘Deluxe Paint’ which paved the way for Photoshop. On top of Kickstarter, which at the time was some of the most cutting edge software around.

We particularly loved seeing coverage of classic games such as the Chaos Engine and Canon Fodder, which at the time were absolutely groundbreaking – but also hearing of the trials and tribulations which these small outfits had to endure to bring them to a computer shop. From sleeping under desks (Defenders of the Crown) to working endorsing retro chocolate biscuits (Robocod) – it’s an incredible insight.



For any fan of retro gaming, this is a must have. Relive those days of yester year and make sure you get your copy from