The Future of Powering Your Devices – It’s The Powercube Remote!


You might recall a few months back when we covered the rather fantastic Powercube. A compact and stunning piece of kit which allows you to plug in an array of devices into a simple elegant cube, a fraction of the size of a standard four way adaptor.

Well we were honoured to get a chance to check out Allocacoc’s new version of the Powercube, – The Powercube Remote! The concept alone is pretty groundbreaking, being able to control a Power Cube with a simple click (or foot press) of a wire free remote. Especially handy if you’re entering a dark house at night and your hands are full of shopping.

As with previous Powercubes the packaging is fantastic, and evidently a lot of thought has gone into the aesthetic of the product. The cube itself also comes with 1.5metres worth of cabling, meaning you don’t need to necessarily base your cube tightly next to a socket in order for it to function properly.


One socket easily powers the four sockets, encased within the tough plastic shell. Accompanied this time with a discreet activation light. Which is displayed when the cube is remotely activated. Pairing the cube with the remote is remarkably simple, and achieved simply by holding down the remote’s activation button in tandem with the main switch on the cube.

We were staggered at how quickly the cube was connected. But even more so at it’s effectiveness. The remote itself comes with an adhesive back, allowing you to easily affix it to walls or a section of floor. It’s also surprisingly sturdy meaning it’ll take more than a slight battering in use, whilst still being able to power up your cube successfully. Admittedly it’s made as a floor switch, but there’s absolute no reason why it can’t be used as a button to be pressed or having it located elsewhere around your home. It’s impressively versatile.

The Powercube remote comes in two different packages. The original (with power remote)  and extended (with remote). Also if you lose your remote you can easily buy another from Allocaco at very reasonable prices- so you needn’t worry about expensive replacements remotes as with similar setups.



All in we were hugely impressed with the Powercube Remote. Allocaco have clearly done it again and created something which not only helps keep your cables tidy, but also allows you the freedom to activate and deactivate your cube at ease. Which at it’s price, is an absolute steal.


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