Nerd Block Ghostbusters Exclusive!

We’re back! Another month of Nerd Block goodness and this time we’re especially interested to see there’s a special Ghostbusters NB! So keen to unwrap our box of goodies and see what Nerd Block had in store for us, we delved in!


Atop a pile of goodies we were over the moon to see a new Funko, this time Long Duck Dong from legendary 80s film Sixteen candles! For any 80s kids you’re going to love this addition and great to have some retro  Nerd Block figurine!


Nestled beneath our Funko we’re also over the moon to see the glimpse of that famous Marvel logo with the addition of a Captain America face mug! Though not the largest mug in the world, it’s a great way to enjoy your espresso in the morning!



Next to these goodies we loved the fact  Nerd Block  have included a classic Etch a Sketch notepad!


Again for any Nerds looking for some nostalgia you’ll be hard pushed to top this month’s! As underneath the pad is a classic ‘Outatime’ Back to the future pin! Superbly rendered, any BTTF will love it.


– Fittingly underneath these is a brilliantly rendered ‘Rick and Morty’ T shirt! As always great quality with  Nerd Block  and we’ll be sure to be making the most of this, this Summer!


But for the big surprise, a  Nerd Block exclusive of a Stay Puft plush toy! For any fan of Ghostbusters it’s an absolutely fantastic addition to our monthly block, and again classic retro nostalgia!


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