Battery Breakdowns No-More with the VicTsing Portable Car Power Bank

For tech heads on the move there’s surely nothing more annoying as that feeling of your car breaking down when you need to be somewhere on time!

But fear not, our friends at VicTsing have again an amazing solution to answer all your prayers in one tiny package!

The VicTsing Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank aims to end all your car stalling woes by offering a powerful and effective jump starter kit, in a tiny box.

Supplied with a vast range of connecting cables and fittings all securely and safely packed in a durable and stylish storage case.


We were seriously impressed when we heard about this kit. When we arrived we just couldn’t believe it offered so much in such a tiny box!

The jump starter kit itself has three functions within one package. A  500A peak current output meaning it can start 4.0L and lower gas engines along with 2.8T and lower diesel turbine of 12V vehicles. On top of which it can be additionally used as a mobile power bank. Another great feature is the tiny LED flashlight. So if you encounter issues in the dark then there’s no scrabbling around for a torch! It should be noted the LED also offers three modes of illumination including standard Illumination/SOS/Warning. So if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere attempting to flash down a car then you’ve got the perfect means to do so! This too also lasts up to 72 hours. In tests we were astounded to see if stood up to this amazing length of time!


The pack itself has a 13600mAh Rechargeable Battery Capacity With dual USB charging ports. So if you’re after an emergency charger too, it allows you to charge a 5V smart phone (range of tablets, portable PCs, Navigation units, MP3 players and much more! If you’re looking for a specific charge of just 12V/16V/19V then fear not as it can also charge these types of devices too! We were really keen to put that to the test and were taken aback by how effectively it did so. With very fast charging times.


Another great feature is the battery percentage is clearly shown on the clear LCD Display screen. So you can monitor your battery’s status. Flickering to notify you when it’s charging. Stopping when the unit is fully charged.


Needless to say for such a powerful unit we were cautious of any potential issues with safety with the energy stored inside. But we needn’t have been. The battery charge offers a range of protective elements including over-current protection, short-circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection. Ensuring full peace of mind when you use it.


All in this is a simply stunning unit, and one we know we can rely on in an emergency

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