Stunning Sports Action with the Waterproof VicTsing Sports Camera!


As fans of taking our tech with us when we’re out on the slopes or hitting the mountain bikes, we’re always keen to hear about cutting edge tech. Especially if it helps us show off our experiences! VicTsing never fair to surprise us with their vast range in cutting edge technology so we were really impressed to hear all about their Sports Action Waterproof Camera. Neat and compact, the camera offers 1080p resolution and wifi, along with 170 degree motion. Allowing you to capture all your most exciting moments to play over and over to your jealous friends!


Testing out the camera we were intrigued to see how well it could stand up against some particularly extreme conditions including heavy rain, cold snaps, water, mud and hitting roads at high speed without potential risk to your recording. Needless to say we were impressed. The camera is fitted with six layers of HD glass lens, meaning that case takes the full brunt of any hard knocks, whilst your recording stays in tact. In fact we were very impressed to hear the camera can operate up to depths of 30metre! Something we’re dying to test out.


On top of which we were impressed to see you’re able to play back video and pictures from the camera / TV or computer just when you like. With a n accessible fast forward and rewind function it’s easy to view your videos. With it’s large 2” screen playback is crystal clear wherever you are!


Another neat addition is the wifi function. Meaning it’s easy for you to connect with your phone, or portable tablet transfer pictures and videos.  All you need to do is simply download the free APP (final cam) – compatible with android and IOS so you can take full control of your camera. Another great way of operating the camera and giving you further versatility to your filming action.


A major concern for us was the potential for the camera to run out of battery in the midst of the action. But we needn’t had been worried. With the 1050 mAh lithium battery the sports camera allows 90 minute video shooting time. Which meant we had ample time to record all our moments out and about before having to charge the camera.  Which again is surprisingly easy with it’s quick and easy USB 2 connection.


On top of which there’s a wealth of accessories out there supporting the camera. So whatever your preferred sport, you won’t run into trouble finding the perfect harness to support it.


All in all this was a stunning piece of kit, and amazing for the cost. For anyone after a cost efficient, high performing and stunning piece of kit then look no further than the VicTsing 1080 wifi Sports Action Waterproof Camera


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