Illuminating Security Tech – It’s the Victsing Security Lights!

71lRkUds8ZL._SL1000_Here at GYGO we’re ever conscious of the risk of exposing your house to potential security threats. Increasingly an issue in an age of such an extravagant array of tech available to deck out your home.

Well worry no more as we were very impressed to learn of our friends at Victsing’s fantastic range of Solar Lights for the garden!

The VictsingBright LED wireless Solar Security Lights are motion sensors and perfect for ensuring total piece of mine for security in and around your garden.

We were really impressed with the build quality of the lights. Each unit contains 16 LED bulbs which are charged throughout daylight hours from the sun’s natural energy.

On top of which the intelligent sensor integrated within the design ensures the units auto turn on dim light when in darkness or at night. Along with this they’ll also turn off when in daytime or a bright area.

The motion sensor is clearly key here and we were really taken aback by how excellently it performed. Staying on for 30 seconds prior to turning to dim light ensuring the units save energy.


We were also taken aback by the sleek casing and design of the lights. With a discreet but sturdy black body and waterproof outer shell you can ensure these will integrate perfectly into your garden without looking out of place. Along with standing the test of time through bad weather. We’re also told these are shockproof which is great to hear if they encounter any minor knocks.

Needless to say as with any outdoor battery lights, a long lasting life is essential. These units come with rechargeable lithium batteries which ensure each only need 8 hours to be fully charged. Prior them being functional for over 12 hours work time! Something which is great to hear. As long as your solar panel get’s enough of a charge you’re ensured functionality through the night.

All in all we loved the Victsing Solar security lights – make sure you get yours today at