Future Cinema : Something strange in your (East End) Neighbourhood…


When I first learned of Future Cinema back in 2012, I had passed a huge queue of 80s vampires, and vampire hunters in Canary Wharf (large amounts of denim and leathers) and had been awe struck at the amount of effort put into recreating Santa Carla amidst the towering skyscrapers. So it was with great interest that I first learned about about them hosting a Ghostbusters screening at the Troxy in Limehouse London masked as an 80s fashionista event at the Hotel Sedgewick. For any huge ghostbuster geek like myself this sounded just too good to be true. So I was hugely honoured to be invited down to check out the event. Receiving my very own invite to a ‘New york fashionista event’ invite which linked through fantastically to a new york 80s flyer and newspaper. But the question lay. How would a New York fashion event fit into an art deco cinema in the middle of the East End?


Well pretty damned amazingly that’s how. The amount of detail in the production is simply amazing. From an angry Walter Peck shouting at new york police officers to shut down the Ghostbusters who’d parked their Ecto 1 by the side of the cinema (busy scanning the crowd for paranormal disturbances) right through to entering the ‘hotel’ itself. With the ‘New Yoirk’ receptionist, bellboys and an apologetic manager excusing the fact there’d been some ‘paranormal’ rumours of late.


Inside the care to attention was on a different level. With a string quartet on stage and a crowd of well dressed 80s fashionistas you’d be forgiven to mistake this for a fashion show circa ’84 in Manhattan.. This was a dedicated crowd. Amongst which paranormal experts mingled in lab coats with the fashion savvy, indulging in suitably apt cuisine including hot dogs, burgers, ’Slimer/Stay Puff’ cocktails and of course the token ‘twinkles’ (Man that’s a big twinky) Alongside appearances from actors all recreating those beloved scenes from the film and helping to set up the main screening itself with added sound effects and visuals. It works fantastically, and really brings a fun element back into seeing a film. The accompanying 80s DJ set also adding a nice edge to the nights proceedings.


I wouldn’t want to give away too much of the actual movie event, but the combination of actors/actresses appearing prior to the screening recreating or setting up parts of the movie, right through to the final mind-blowing finale it was most definitely the best cinema event I’ve ever experienced. Ever…. Tickets are flying (if not quite possibly ‘flown’ already) out of the door for this one but I’d recommend if you haven’t already to get down to the Troxy and check this out. It’s the perfect event for the party season. Just remember don’t cross those streams!