Ghoulishly Good Fun at Goosebumps Alive!


For anyone who grew up in the 90’s it’s no secret you were spoilt with a plethora of classic spooky shows such as ‘Eerie Indiana’ and ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark?’ – but one which stands far and above the others is the now iconic Goosebumps. Adapted from RL Steins terrifyingly good book range which thrilled readers with tales of evil dummies, werewolves and mummies it’s insane to think it took so long for it to be brought to the big screen.


Now having had a box office hit at the cinema, Goosebumps has been adapted into an immersive theatre experience which is currently ‘haunting’ the infamous London Vaults. Being huge fans of the books, series and film we were honoured to get a press invite to the event. But the key question, does it live up to the Goosebumps legacy…? Being keen not to spoil it for anyone planning to visit (which we heartily recommend you do) here’s our official verdict.


Venturing deep into the darkened tunnels of the vaults we were straight away taken aback by the level of detail offered to the experience. It’s evident a lot of thought has gone into Goosebumps which you can tell from the get go by the extensive props and set design. With lighting suitably setting the mood. Along with which we were also impressed with the quality of souvenirs on offer. With other immersive experiences we’ve often found this to be compromised. But the range of collectables and merchandise were outstanding, and no doubt will prove essential for any Goosebumps fan worth their salt.


The experience itself is split into two tiers – one for adults and one for children. Which is a great thought, meaning younger visitors needn’t fear anything too terrifying. Whilst adults can indulge in the more ‘scary’ version. It should be noted though, even for anyone of a nervous disposition, there’s some excellent scary set pieces but nothing too terrifying on offer. Making it less of a terrifying prospect and more of an enjoyable ‘Ghost Train’ of a show!


The stories themselves are hugely varied, and being led from room to room you’ll encounter a huge variety of props and settings. The scenery is also stunning and evidently no expense has been spared to ensure that any visitors truly feel they’re thrown right into the heart of the action.


The space itself has also been superbly crafted into a suitably stunning spooky location, Having visited many immersive theatre experiences before it really took us back just how much care to attention has gone into the magnificent space of the Vaults – and not long after venturing in, you’ll quickly find yourself questioning just where the exit is….something which perfectly fits the mood of the stories on offer. There’s no quick escape!


Hardcore Goosebumps fans will be delighted to see some of the most beloved stories have been adapted to great effect. The tales themselves have been slightly rewoven to accommodate a more 21st century audience, with a few twists to original plot lines. But if anything this makes the whole experience far more interesting, and keeps it even more engaging for die hard fans looking to relive those scares from their youth.


At an hour and a half, the experience is perfectly timed too. Other immersive experiences of late have been criticised for leaving their audience ‘waiting’ at conveniently placed licensed areas. Relying on crowds to purchase drinks and less about the experience. Goosebumps was a real breath of fresh air in comparison, and felt like a tightly packed show that didn’t leave you long enough to get bored, keeping their audience on the edge of their seats right until the end.


All in all this is a simply superb addition to the Goosebumps legacy. If you’ve long been a fan of the books/TV show, or even have just enjoyed the more recent film then this is an absolute must. Also with tickets prices half the price of similar events it’s an absolute steal.


Don’t miss what has to be one of London’s finest immersive theatre experiences… even if it might leave you wondering what’s under your bed at night….


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(images copyright Alice Pepperell)