Positively Powering Your Devices – It’s The Powercube!

Here at Gygo we love any new solutions for quick and easy solutions for de-cluttering any tangles of cables around your office or household. Which is why when we were first told about Powercube with it’s promise of being able to fulfil those needs and more sounded almost too good to be true. We simply had to find out  more!

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Providing five additional outlets within the space of of a small solid cube, the PowerCube can be used standalone, or to expand the PowerCube Extended or Extended USB. On top of which the standard unit is also accompanied by three other models – An extended model of the original with a 5ft extension cord.  The ‘original usb’ which offers a Dual USB-port enabling you to charge your mobile phones, or portable devices without the need to plug into a computer. Alongside an extended version of this model with a 5ft extension cable and a stick on dock, so you can kiss goodbye to having to dive under your desk to plug in your portable devices and laptops!


The Powercubes themselves offer unique ‘modular’ storage style. Meaning you can accommodate the desired amount of outlets for your charging space. On top of which, the plugs allow for simple compact charging allowing even more space when you’re powering up your favourite devices. But most importantly we just love the fact that it multiplies a single socket to five outlets. So charging within the home is made even more convenient and easier!


All the models also come in a fantastic range of colours including a ‘kelly green’, ‘cobalt blue’, ‘boston red’ and ‘trolley grey’. These really do add a stylish dash of colour to the otherwise usually ‘drab’ and boring areas residing behind your technology.

We really can’t elaborate too much more on the concept – It’s a simple idea but one we absolutely loved and have been amazed not to have encountered before. The dual usb works fantastically well for charging multiple devices in one go. Whilst at the same time allows the freedom of having the equivalent of a 4-way plug with a fraction of the space being used! It’s a genius concept and one we simply loved.

All in it’s a simply superb concept for any tech lover, or really anyone who struggles fighting their way through the cables behind the back of the home TV/hi-fi or computer units. It’s an absolutely essential purchase and we’d highly recommend.


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