Lovers of Lovecraft Rejoice for The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft!


It’s no secret that here at GYGO we love a spot of indulging in some classic horror in book form. The more elaborately presented the better. Which is why when we heard about The New Annotated HP Lovecraft and glimpsed the absolutely gorgeous cover work and page design we simply had to find out more!


Compiled by Leslie S Klinger the illustrated anthology is a loving ode to the great master of horror who’s countless tales of tentacled things from beyond the stars have undoubtedly inspired generations of horror fans worldwide. It’s a phenomenally informed read, giving a rare glimpse into such a mysterious and secretive character who penned such terrifying greats. But also clearly a misunderstood genius who was far ahead of his time.


All of the great man’s works are here to behold including some of his most beloved such as the chilly terror of  ‘At The  Mountains of Madness,’ and the unspeakable monstrousness of ‘The Dunwich Horror. Not to mention the dark things of the sea in ‘The Shadow over Innsmouth’ . There’s no sleeping easy after these, and not that you’d want to. Even as hardened horror readers, revisiting them now makes you realise just how unnerving these great stories are.


The book itself is an absolute tome, and a monstrous read. But fitting for the subject and in our view is the perfect way to remind yourself of Lovecraft’s finest works. Filled with a plethora of photos and even more astonishing, some truly spectacular notes from the private workings of the great man himself. (Two pages from his own handwritten manuscript for the History of the Neconomicon!’

Admittedly there’s some very tongue in cheek content with some of the tales being treated such as factual events. But it’s all very fitting with the presentation of the book.


There’s also interestingly a lot of material on the historical and social influences taken to have inspired his work. Including a short but equally well written Biography. It’s something very special and something we’ve not witnessed before with any Lovecraft material.


For any horror fan or the great man himself this is an absolute essential read. Make sure you get yours today. Just prepare for a few sleepless nights….


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