Cthulu-tastic Card Games – We Love ‘The Writer’


As big fans of both horror and card games when we first heard about ‘The Writer – Cthulu Playing Cards’ via Kickstarter and caught a glimpse of their terrifyingly gorgeous artwork we simply had to find out more.

Created by the Cthulu Project, based in Spain who specialise in Creating games & products based on Lovecraft stories, most noticeably about Cthulu it’s evident their products are created with love and attention. Apparently started on Lovecraft’s 75th Anniversary their aim was to share his work and create products for fans (and cultists!).

The Writer is a superb homage to the great man himself – compiled of 8 unique stories represented by a colour and a symbol. The game itself has several different rounds. The initial to get one story, then increasing amounts of stories with the following rounds.

The cards themselves each have a unique ability (shown by their top icon) – which aids the player in gaining new cards or taking cards from their opponents. The object of the game is to get rid of all your own cards. Something which seems straight forward, but believe us isn’t always easy! Winners take their prize when they meet their defined aim and rid themselves of their cards – making their stories on the library card. Whilst losers lose sanity points on theirs.

The first to complete all the eight stories is declared the writer – which is no mean feat with such a brilliantly challenging game.


But by no means is this purely a pack of cards. The game itself is superbly developed with some stunning extras. Your basic pack is the 96 story cards which it has to be said are absolutely beautifully illustrated. Displaying a host of monstrous characters from relevant ‘Cthulu’esque’ mythos.


On top of which you get your 32 counters, 4 basic pawns and a rulebook.


But on top of that if you upgrade to a ‘collector’ pack you get 4 coloured Cthulu Pawns, lovingly recreated (the detailing is exquisite). The translucent resin also makes for a much more aesthetically catching ornament.


But if you’re keen for a complete set, opt for the ‘Deluxe’ which contains an incredible hand-casted and hand painted resin ‘Mythos Altar’ box.


This is something very special indeed – and really (in our opinion) is the best way to contain such an incredible card game)


It’s no wonder the team have succeeded with such a great kickstarter campaign. We certainly can’t rate this highly enough for fans of card games, Lovecraft/Cthulu or anyone with a taste in stunning collectables.


The team already publish Lovecraft news on the web and offer the Cthulhu Shop as a guide to find Lovecraftian items. More recently they’d successfully completed the design and production for Secret Idol and Cthulhu Talking Board collectables. Their continued aim to continue creating games and unique products based on the wonderful Lovecraftian universe.


We can only say we’re incredibly pleased to hear this. There’s a wealth of material of card games currently out in the market especially within the Cthulu mythos. But by far and above ‘The Writer’ get’s our vote of approval.


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