Winter is Coming – in Nerd Block Form!


Another month and another box of Nerdtastic merchandise arrives at GYGO towers! It’s a beautiful thing. But this time with a notable GOT flavour! So as we delve into the blue and white box of Nerd Block goodies – let us give you a rundown on why Nerd Block is by far and above our favourite subscription merchandise box!



So sat atop this pile of goodies we’re blown away to see an actual Daredevil T Shirt! Superbly rendered in the trademark black, red and white – the ‘man without fear’ has been designed superbly on this well made cotton t shirt. Again Nerd Block has surpassed expectations.



Buried beneath this fantastic wearable is the recognisable face of ‘Grey Worm’ star of ‘Game of Thrones’ but in minimalistic funko pop form! We love the funko range and the fact that Nerd Block feature them regularly in their boxes. It’s a great addition to our box and will go fantastically with our collection. Nice one NB!



Sat next to the Worm of Grey is yet another Game of Thrones goodie – one of their official ‘Vinyl Figures!’ Fantastic! Again this set lovingly recreates al the major characters in small vinyl form. Making them absolutely perfect to display anywhere. We’re huge fans of this collection and will definitely be ensuring we do our best to collect the lot!


Nestled underneath the GOT merch – our eyes are instantly drawn to what looks to be something very special indeed. Coinciding with the launch of Zack Snyders new Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice is an actual cool piece of BVS artwork! Displaying all our favourite comic characters in action pose. It’s truly a very special piece of work -one which any Nerd worth their salt will love.


Hidden underneath this comic collectable is a great collectable for any fan of  ‘Arrested Development’ an official ‘Tobias’ dress up magnet! That’s right, you can dress up your very own version of Tobias, in retro paper doll style. But this time you can stick him to your fridge! Great, right? Again perfect for Nerds of all ages.



Lastly – for any fans of retro 80s movies, you’re in for a treat. The antagonist to the Karate Kid himself, a signed picture of William Zabka aka Johnny Lawrence himself! Amazing. It’s a great addition to any Nerd’s collection, or fan of 80s films!


Again Nerd Block has surpassed itself with a great range in collectables.

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