It’s the Awesome Octa-Core VicTsing Android TV Box!


As any geek will agree there’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting around catching up with your favourite film/tv programs. But now with such a plethora of options in streaming your favourite media direct to your television it’s a minefield trying to find out the best option for you!


As big fans of VicTsing we were really interested to hear about their fantastic Octa-Core Android 5.1 TV box media player. Clearly leaders within the tech field, VicTsing have a range of streaming devices on offer. But the Octa-Core is clearly very unique as it offers such a varied range of extras!


Functionality wise there’s a huge range on offer here. Offering Android 5.1 and Oct-core 64bits hence offering a cutting edge media streaming experience.With the CPU a Rockchip 3368 Octa Core 64bits ARM Coretex-A53, up to 1.5GHz, with 2G RAM you can instantly turn your TV ‘smart’ accessing games, shopping, films/live sport and much much more.


On top of which there’s flash external interfacing – and with optimized KODI/XBMC and 16G eMMC flash you can play and watch at a fantastically fast and smooth rate.On top of flash there’s also USB/AV/HDMI/Ethernet meaning you’ll have fantastic connectibility with a range of devices.


It should also be mentioned the H.265 & HDMI2.0 & Support Ultra HD TV. H.265 meaning video and streaming HD plays even quicker and smoother  along with devices supporting 4K*2K@60 fps display. Allowing any user to enjoy ultra high definition! Simply incredible and a fantastic addition.


Not only this but the whole device supports Dual-band WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 & Miracast/ Airplay/DLNA meaning you can transmit data faster and with less power consumption. Also enabling you to connect to a range of bluetooth devices – such as speakers, and also allowing you to transmit your data live from your phone to the TV through the range of wireless connections!


Importantly too the device looks stunning. Akin to a small glasses case. Aesthetically it’ll sit into any media set up without looking clunky or out of place. With a streamlined styling and black casing.


All in we loved the Octa-core, it’s a great and reasonably priced unit with some superb features. Check yours out today at