Stunning Sketchbooks in the 21st Century – it’s the Mod!


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We’re big fans of beautifully details sketchbooks here at GYGO anything to allow us to indulge in our enjoyment of doodling! Which is why when we were told about a sketch book which also transfers your illustrations into digital format we simply had to find out more!


The MOD Sketchbook is fantastically unique – though it’s evidently a gorgeous looking sketchbook ready for you to fill with all the sketches you could possibly want – when you finish using it you simply ship it back to Mod and they’ll scan and digitise the entire thing in five days (!) absolutely incredible. Then with all your sketches stored in the Mod App (Evernote, Dropbox and OneNote are also all available to use) you can have access them via your computer, phone and tablet.


But if you still want your very own copy back for reference –  there’s no need for concern as you can still have your own Mod notebook shipped directly back to you! All in it’s an incredibly intelligent and 21st century aspect to illustration.


It’s fair to say we were particularly taken aback with the aesthetics of the Mod. The traditional thread bound design (meaning it’ll stay flat for working in) makes it particularly attractive. Also the 120gsm page grammage means it’s a satisfying texture to work on.


On top of which you can get it in a range of colours to suit your individual taste. Another great feature is the fact you can get plain, ruled or dot grid to suit your preferences for work. So undoubtedly if you’re purely putting technical designs or just sketch work there’s a version for you.


The App itself is also phenomenally easy to install – readily syncing with the aforementioned programs. Meaning it’s incredibly quick and easy to get your designs back and on whatever platform you prefer. It’s also great to try out, a simple feature but one that makes getting used to the process a whole lot easier.

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All in we’re hugely impressed with Mod- it’s a well needed breath of fresh air for digital illustrators everywhere. Combining traditional sketchbooks with an easy pain-free method of transferring all your work in one go.


Get yours today at :