Exercise in Style with the Phenomenal VicTsing Wireless Moul Earphones


51iKLhvY8cL._SL1000_  One of life’s little pleasures has to be enjoying your own music whilst out on the move. But there’s nothing quite as frustrating as dealing with tangled headphone cables or poor quality crackling headphones.

When VicTsing got in touch with us to discuss one of their top of the range headphones sets, the ‘Moul Wireless Sport Headphone’ we simply couldn’t wait to check them out!


With a comfortable over the ear hook system the Victsing Mouls are phenomenally comfortable. Keeping the music stable in your ears, a great comfort when you’re in the midst of exercising. We tried them with a variety of different ears and they always remained sturdy and in place.


The tips themselves are particularly impressive, with the headphones equipped with two types of semi closed ear tips. These are specifically designed for sport so it means when you’re exercising you get less of that weird ‘microphonic effect’ which happens when clothes rub against the cable. On top of which the enclosed buckle means you can safely fasten it down to help lessen it even more.


On top of which we were really impressed with the quality of the headphones themselves. Utilising Bluetooth 4.1 means you can connect two devices at the same time. Which can be up to 33ft away! We checked this out and it really did stand up well. On top of which the quality of the audio was sublime. As they utilise FI10 and APT-x profile so basses remain rich and CVC 6. noise cancellation and the inbuilt mic keep vocal speech clearly audible.


Any concerns that such technology will quickly drain the battery is also easily dispelled – the battery itself runs for up to 5.5 hours of music, whilst you’re exercising. Including 168 hours standby time…incredible! So whatever you’re doing you won’t have to worry about potentially running out of juice.


All in all these are perfect for any exercise fanatic- Make sure you get yours from