3D Printing Prowess With The Scribbler V3!



With the 3D printing revolution an influx of incredible new 3D printers have hit the market, ranging from large scale commercial printers to smaller scale domestic versions. But even revolutionary is the rise in the fantastic 3D printing pens, allowing home users a simple way to bring their own artistic creations to life freehand!

One of the most notable of which has to be Scribbler, a phenomenal piece of kit which allows you to easily get to grips with drawing in 3D, for an incredible competitive cost. We were hugely keen to find out more and couldn’t wait to check out the Scribbler 3D pen generation 3!


We loved the concept of the Scribbler. In short replacing ink with plastic which melts at a high temperature which is used to draw in the air or on a surface such as a desktop allowing you to create your own 3d works of art! It’s an incredible concept. Also an additional benefit is melted plastic cools down very fast which makes the whole process safe. Effectively allowing you to create an infinite number of shapes and design at your fingertips!


Housed in an attractive purple casing (although available in a range of colours) and weighing just 2.36oz (a lot lighter than other similar 3D pens we’ve found) the Scribbler V3 has noticeably surpassed expectations and previous incarnations. With a removable nozzle allowing for ease of replacement and a diameter of just .4mm meaning you can create some truly stunningly intricate works.

Along with which we were impressed with the strong quality of build. For a 3D pen at such a reasonable cost its also very well built and offers some great improvements over other pens. The plastic thread feeder itself has 6 speeds, the ability to select plastic type (ABS or PLA). Along with which you can actually set the device’s operation mode making creating your own works of art even more easy. Another great addition is the OLED display which constantly gives you a running status of the pen’s operation mode and data in full view. Very handy when you want to ensure you’re not about to run out of filament in the midst of a project!


Straight out of the box the Scribbler comes with a UK power adaptor, 3 x 1.75 PLA filament in different colours and full instructions. Which are a big help if you’re a newbie.

You also get a superbly generous amount of filament – baring in mind you’ll get 10 feet per loop out of it. Meaning even you won’t have to worry about running out in a hurry even just getting to grips with the pen. A really nice touch and something which clearly shows the makers care about their customers. Like us if you’re not particularly well versed in using 3D pens you’ll have no problems simply picking the pen up and having a 3D doodle. It really is that simple.

Another great point really is the weight and size. Compared to many other pens the Scribbler v3 offers a lightweight alternative meaning it’s even more simpler and easy to draft out your creations in 3D without being weighed down by a particularly heavy pen. It’s 3D pen engineering at it’s best. From using other 3D pens we found our hands were more comfortable with the Scribbler over other makes, without a noticeable ache after use.


All in all this is an incredible piece of kit – and for the size and price it’s amazing to consider just what you get in the box. We’d highly rate the Scribbler v3. Get yours today at


Find out more at: http://www.scribbler3dpen.com/