Heavenly Hashtags – We Love the #Cube!


In the every increasing culture of social media and sharing photos with the masses Instagram has far and above led the way as one of the most favoured mediums to use. Visited by millions worldwide the beloved photo sharing platform has a plethora of daily shares. But with your photos confined to tablets/phones and computers it’s still someway away from the tangibility of having your favourite photos framed on your actual desktop. Notably something we all look back on fondly.


That’s why when we heard about #Cube – the new gadget which promises to allow Instagram users to display their very own feed within an electronic photo frame along with a huge amount of other features we simply had to find out more! You might have heard of #Cube before from it’s initial launch as a Kickstarter project. A project which we’re pleased to say gained some huge support worldwide.  Leading to a much anticipated launch. Now out in the shops we’re pleased to say it doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.


We were told how the #Cube logs into Instagram via wi-fi. Hence anything you can see on Instagram. Be it photos or video, either can be streamed on #Cube. Not only this but the process works in real time too. Allowing for feed updates and connectability with friends and family! On top of which you have 4gb of storage space giving you ample room to save all your own imagery and video. A great additional extra!


With a nifty 256mb of ram on it’s android system, we didn’t feel any noticeable slowdown whatsoever to viewing pictures. In fact it operated speedily and impressively. Making the whole experience even more enjoyable compared to similar units. Photos and videos load quickly. As long as you’ve a reliable wi-fi signal you’re in for a treat.


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The cube itself is neatly proportioned, making it ideal for placing on a desktop of shelf. Aesthetically it also has to be said it’s superbly stunning with a range of outer casings in classic #Cube stripes, black or white. Allowing you to purchase to your own taste.



Controls are staggeringly straight forward with just three buttons. Including one for power, one for toggling between feeds, and one for liking the current photo. On top of which the screen itself is touchscreen enabled, making it all the more easier to change settings at will and presets which suit your best. Something much improved against simple digital photo frames in the past which have proven far more limiting. This is a whole different kettle of fish.


Navigation is quick and easy between your feed, liked library,  favourites, popular on Instagram,personal pictures (User), and even specific hashtag. Again a nice touch and making it all the more easy to find your way around. The menu system is slick and also particularly well handled.


The screen too is a dazzlingly vibrant at a 768 x 768 lcd display. Meaning all your images are clearly shown without any issues to clarity. On top of which if you’re playing video then the built in speaker is more than capable of crystal clear audio. We found that particularly impressive.


We were also particularly taken aback with the rechargeable lithium battery which allows up to several hours of battery life via a micro USB port. Meaning you don’t have to rely on sitting your #Cube next to a wall socket. We really pushed it to its limits and found the frame truly did stand up to the promised times.

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On top of which you can also choose your own personal preference of Instagram streams to view. In the plethora of photos on Instagram it makes for keeping track of your preferred live streams all the more easier and is a great addition, truly adding to the customisation of the unit.


We can’t recommend the #Cube highly enough. Fantastic value for money make sure you get yours today from