The IMAX 3D Experience

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by  Samantha Swan

Many films are being filmed in IMAX and/or 3D in order to enhance the viewing experience. IMAX generates a clearer, crisper image on the big screen, taking HD to a whole other level, while 3D allows the audience to experience the film as if it was happening directly in front of your very eyes. Therefore, when you bring together IMAX and 3D you bring with you an intense experience that neither one can produce on their own. It makes any film feel like a live stage performance.

Gravity is a recent film released in IMAX 3D as well as other formats, but nothing would have prepared you for the journey ahead experiencing the film in IMAX 3D. Firstly, the view of space was breath taking, and with IMAX created the feeling of actually being in space that could make you feel breathless.

Then there’s the actors; the 3D gave you moments where you felt you could have touched the actors, they were that close. Honestly, you could see every vein, freckle and eyelash as clear as day. You cannot get that same experience with 2D, no matter how amazing the story is, the visual imagery and resolution of an IMAX 3D is outright winner in that competition.

Resolution and technology can only improve, possibly to the point where films will no longer require actors to be on camera as CGI will be able to do that job. Green screen will only be used to create the sets producers want, without having to send location managers searching the world for the right set. It could make the whole filming process easier and more cost efficient.

However, too many films opt for the 3D and/or IMAX approach to a film and more often than not use it as a means to cover up the thin plot. Without the IMAX 3D, Gravity would perhaps not be as ground breaking. It would lose the excitement you got when asteroids and bits of spacecraft came flying at you that you felt like you had to move to avoid getting hit. Is it a con on viewers or are IMAX and/or 3D needed in a constantly changing world to make the cinema experience a joy? Revolutions are always in the making and there is always something better on its way, even as you read this, so what will be the next step up from IMAX 3D? Whatever it is, it will surely be amazing.