Gaming Guru’s Rejoice – It’s the VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard!



We’re big gamers at GYGO and never pass up the opportunity in checking out the latest keyboard gaming tech. Anything that will give us the edge over the opposition!


Gaming keyboards as a whole have come on a huge way. With a wealth of variations on the market to choose from. But after hearing about VicTsing’s latest Mechanical Gaming keyboard with Anti-Ghosting Technology we simply had to find out more!


Aesthetically the keyboard is stunning. Clad in matte-black finish with a multi colour adjustable backlight which really does allow you to set your own custom ‘tone’ to whatever game you’re playing. There’s also an ingenious amount of pre set patterns. Controlled by key combinations. Hence you can actually set particular colour tones as you play your favourite games! An absolutely brilliant idea. We’re also told the keyboard  itself is made from ABS / metal along with being water resistant – and (we’re assured) thoroughly robust. So if you decide to take it out to compete then there’s little worry of doing any potential damage to it! Keystrokes are also said to be able to withstand up to 50,000 000 bashes! Something incredibly impressive for a keyboard of it’s type!


It’s also impressive to note the build quality of the individual keys themselves. All proved to be sensitive and responsive. Both easy to press with a fast response time (without the need to hammer individual keys whilst gaming). Accompanied by a distinctive ‘click’ sound means you’ve got a great idea of just what you’re doing as and when you use it.


Compatibility-wise we tried the keyboard out with both PC/Mac on a range of different operating systems. All responded great and we’re extremely effective. Peace of mind if you’re competitively gaming and want to ensure your keyboard is going to work with a variety of different machines.


With 104 keys the VicTsing gaming keyboard has a variety of fantastic features for avid gamers. We were particularly impressed with the anti-ghosting technology. ‘ Ghosting’ (as many gamers will know) is the problem when keyboards simply can’t comprehend multiple keys being pushed. Something which is absolutely crucial in the midst of a first person shooter! VicTsing solves this by allowing each key to be controlled by an independent switch. Allowing the keyboard to be able to communicate successfully as and when it needs to! Without any potential error!


All in this is a fantastic keyboard for any avid gamer. Ensure you get yours today from