Never miss the postman again – It’s the VicTsing Remote Wireless Doorbell

With a huge mix of technological door alets on the market these days its often tricky to try and find the right doorbell that is perfect for your property. Especially when you’ve got gadget tech being delivered and you don’t want to miss the postman!


That’s why we were so particularly interested to check out VicTsing’s fantastic Waterproof Remote Wireless Cordless Doorbell. A door alert system which encompasses an amazing amount of features within the scope of a sleek, compact design. We were most certainly not disappointed.



Aesthetically doorbells aren’t always the most attractive of gadget tech. But here’s where the VicTsing excels. With a minimalistic white design with blue lighting. Allowing for blue lights to flash as an additional alert. Something very handy indeed for anyone with a hearing impairment. We were also very impressed with the quick and easy installation process. No wiring is required. Simply by plugging in the receiver into an electrical outlet (hence no batteries are required for this section). Followed by fixing the small transmitter to your front door you’re good to go!91p7nLAZcaL._SL1500_

The audio mechanism was also very impressive. With an adjustable volume of up to 110gb from 25db ( a great addition rather than having to put up with excessively loud chimes) you have over 52 options. Meaning you can customise it to your heart’s content! The most impressive feature of this has to be the fact you can get guests to leave you a message via the record function at the base of the doorbell. A great idea and very handy addition as well.



We were also very impressed with the doorbell’s range. With a range of up to 1000 feet – in open space, the door alert system allowed us to be positioned a huge amount of space away from the door whilst at the same time not missing any visitors. Even with obstacles the door bell can still operate at 100-500ft which is incredibly impressive for a doorbell of it’s type and size. Making it also ideal for use in nursing homes, and locations where people are dependent on alert systems. Something which many other competitors would be hard pushed to offer.


All in this is another fantastic piece of tech from VicTsing and one we’d highly recommend for your home. Make sure you get yours today from