Phenomenal Phones – We Get to Grips with the Astounding Oneplus 6


Never have there been quite such a vast array of smartphones on the market, and with such a wealth of cutting edge technology powered by both Apple iOS and Android systems you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the sheer range on offer.

But one phone brand in particular has been really causing a stir on the market over recent years. Oneplus has garnered attention for their forward thinking and stunning phones which initially were launched with the intention at bringing high end quality at a lower price than it’s competitors. Originally the company launched the Oneplus One back in 2014 which was a huge hit within the phone market in Asia before launching in 2014 in Europe too.

Since then Oneplus has become synonymous with functionality and stunning design at a fraction of the cost of similar smartphones. So when the company announced the planned release of the Oneplus 6 promising a huge array of functions we simply couldn’t wait to find out more. True the price was a little higher, but with the capabilities the company promised surely this wouldn’t be an issue. Luckily for us their fantastic press team let us get our hands on a model to fully try out. The key question, has it been worth the wait – in a word, absolutely.

It should also be said the phone itself comes in a variety of colours, Red, Mirror Black, Midnight Black and Silk White. We got to grips with the white unit for this review which had a smooth curved aesthetic and felt great to handle.

Straight out of the box, the Oneplus 6 is stunning with a huge glass display. This is allegedly the biggest display that Oneplus have ever fitted to a phone before and it shows. Made out of Corning Gorilla Glass it’s a tough but stunning display. You know this is a phone which you’ll be able to take out daily without fear of easily damaging. Comfortingly we’re told the phone itself is well protected from the elements, notably from rain and quick water spills which is particularly impressive on a phone of this type. The 6.28” Amoled display is astonishingly large without being too much. It’s crystal crisp resolution (2280 x 1080) which really does offer up a sensational level of detailing with it’s 16million colours. This particularly stood out when streaming films and playing games which all looked vibrant and clear.

It’s also phenomenally slim as a unit – that glass front is pretty much the entirety of the front of the screen except for a tiny notch at the top to allow for the ear piece, camera, ambient light sensor and notification light. We tried out the capabilities of the camera and were particularly impressed with the results. It’s automatic anti-shake really helped for quickly getting shots in


But looks are one thing how does the phone shape up? Well we’re pleased to say particularly well. Getting started is easy – using the finger print sensor on the back of the phone and the barely noticeable power button, volume and alert slider on the side of the unit. There’s also a standard headphone jack (a now dying breed) and a usb-c port for charging.

Navigating is very straight forward using the a similar system to apple’s gesture control on the iPhone. We’d recommend activating this to really get to grips with the handset.

Inside the Oneplus there’s 8gb of ram which makes jumping between tasks seamless. It was amazing just how fast you can multitask. The phone itself runs Android 8.1 with Snapdragon 845 on an Oct-core system. So as you can imagine it’s suitably fast and we enjoyed being able to quickly navigate around the phone without any stalls or issues.  True there’s no memory card slot, but there is 128gb of storage which will be more than enough for your photos, apps and audio.  The default camera is also brilliant at 16mp (it should be said there’s a secondary camera too of the same megapixels). There’s also phase detection autofocus and dual LED flash which makes taking snaps on the go even easier.


Battery life was also impressive. We’d worried with a large screen that might have meant a compromise on battery life, but not in the case of the Oneplus. We found it held up well, covering a heavy daily use with still some juice left in by the end of the day.

So is it worth it? True it’s a jump in price, but the quality of the build and the functionality alone should remove any reservations you might have. The Oneplus 6 is a mind blowing phone with a gorgeous aesthetic. We certainly think it’s value for money.

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